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Juniors Round Up: 2022 Round 16

September 3, 2022

Around the Grounds

Towards the end of the Season, our teams are starting to showcase the skills on the field they have been working hard on at training and on game day to be competitive and come away with some well-earned goals. We also had team photos during the week, so looking forward to seeing how they all turn out!

U6 Tigers

What a fantastic team effort this week!! Everyone was so keen to be on and really put in such a fantastic effort!! So many incredible defensive efforts across the board and some spectacular team efforts throughout the whole game.

A lucky length of the field goal saw the Tigers go down 3-2 this week but they all had so much fun and were full of smiles at the end.

Congrats to Charlie, Toby and Felix for taking out this week’s Player of the Day awards!!

U7 Geckos

Last week saw the Geckos take on the Mitchie Perth team.

Our team played well together, finally gelling as a team, passing well and scoring goals. We played well enough to win this week!

The Player of the Day awards went to Paul and Levi for good dribbling with the ball and long passes.

U8 Bees

The Bees flew away to meet Mitchie Manchester for the return leg of their round one encounter.

The Bees started extremely well camped in the dust bowl Mitchelton half – corner after corner – until Max repeated his curling corner to find Beau inside the back post. Beau’s shot hit the underside of the crossbar, and appeared to cross the line – goal-line technology (GLT) wasn’t working today, so ref waved play on..

Mitchie had four breakaway runs all half, two of which Ben was able to dive on and save, while Will and Harrison did their best to chase the fast forward, but he was able to place two goals against the run of play.

Archer had a one-on-one which the keeper saved, and Beau shot a loose ball wide. James, Woody, Eddie, Ollie all ran hard providing support & fast throw-ins.

2-nil at the break to Mitchie didn’t reflect the game.

Some watermelon at halftime helped the Bees gather their composure. Ollie bravely volunteered to have his first go as goal keeper for the second half.

Again, the Bees started very well in the second half, Archer down the side line, Harrison got forward. Eddie and James tackled hard. While Will supported Max & Beau on the break.

Max beat 3 players to score an excellent goal to peg one back, then not long after another floating lob to level at 2-2. The Bees were flying…

Ollie was able to use his hands well and save some shots, but Bee confusion on a rollout gifted the Mitchie team the lead. Mitchie caught us on the break a few more times but Woody, Archer, and Ben saved those raids. Beau took a hard knock to finish his day, but it would be another breakaway one-on-one that gave Mitchie their 4th.

The end score didn’t reflect the close game – it was a significant improvement from our Round one clash, and our Bees should feel proud of their improvement as a Team this Season.

4-2 to Mitchie.

Player of the Day awards went to:

Max – was everywhere, setting up goals, scoring goals, defending. Didn’t react to some hurtful opposition comments – can hold his head high!

Beau – some tough clashes against a packed Mitchie defence, unlucky not to be awarded a goal.

Archer – great involvement this week, also unlucky not to score with a one-on-one against the keeper.

U8 Hornets

This week the Hornets were back at home to host Brisbane City Yellow. Coach Shane & Patty were away this week, so assistants Chris and Erik stepped up to Coach the boys. City started the game down a player, with Ed being a good sport and helping out City for 10 minutes until they brought in a ring-in…. potentially a bit older than the rest of the kids on the paddock – but she played in goals!

Through some nice passing, Fitzy capitalised and scored a goal to take the Hornets into break 1-nil up. Attis was fired up with the other team having an older kid in goals, however, this did not intimidate the Hornets, it only stirred up the nest, with two more goals in the second half coming through Mika and Harper.

The game finished 3-nil to the Hornets with some very good defence and keeping maintain a clean sheet.

The ‘Kickin Chicken’ award went to Mika this week, with Fitzy taking home the HJs Player of the Day award and Archie scoring the Zarraffas award.

U10 Wolves

This week the Wolves were playing away against the Virginia United Mavericks. In the first home match back in May, the Wolves came away with a comprehensive 5 – 1 win. However, on Saturday, the match-up proved a lot more difficult.

The Wolves went down 1-nil early after applying a lot of pressure in the Maverick’s half. It would prove to be the theme of the game that the Wolves were creating lots of chances but were being caught out on the counterattack. The Wolves continued pressure did quickly pay off with Finn striking back to get us to 1-all.

The next goal, scored by the Mavericks, was from a free kick. The Virginia pitches are marked out with a much smaller than usual goal box which made it very difficult for Keeper Landon to come out against the attackers. He conceded the free kick on the edge of the box after handling the ball outside this area. It was rather ridiculous to see everyone on the goal line and a free kick right in front of the goal! Anyway – Virginia managed to score. Fortunately, Eli managed to get a goal just before half-time, taking us into the break at 2-all.

The second half initially continued in the same vein as the first, with the Wolves applying a lot of pressure with no return. The Mavericks had a good centre-back who was able to hit solid lofted passes into the attackers. The Mavericks managed to get 2 goals in the first 10 mins of the second half. Landon made an awesome save off his left leg to keep us in it.

With 5 minutes left on the clock, the Wolves went into overdrive to try to save the game. Finn, Jack and Eli in particular picked up their intensity and the Mavericks were under constant pressure. First Jack scored and then Finn only a minute or two later, leading to an exciting finish. The Wolves very nearly clinched it in the dying seconds. It ended up 4-all with a great comeback in the end.

Looking forward to working with DoC Greg on improving striking the ball with the boys, and trying to maintain the intensity shown at the end of the game. Finn took the Player of the Day award this week for the awesome equalizer at the end.

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