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Juniors Round Up: 2022 Round 2

May 7, 2022

Around the Grounds

Some of our Junior teams had their first home game of the Season in Round 2, with some teams also playing their first game after having the Bye in Round 1.

The weather was perfect for the early games, however, the heat caused some drama for the games later in the morning with the kids feeling it whilst enjoying their time on the park!

Our U9 Brumbies girls’ team have continued their great start to the season with another win and we look forward to celebrating over the next week with them for the Football Qld Female Football Week kicking off today!

U6 Tigers

Second outing for the Tigers and although they didn’t come off with the win it was great to see how much they are all enjoying playing together.

A lot of improvements in the second half as they get used to match play and some fantastic defensive efforts by Liam Bell to score him the Player of the Day award!

U7 Geckos

U7 Geckos competed against fellow Westsiders the Goannas. There was a lot of good passing to make space and the whole team played well together. A lot of shots on goal and we had a fast, fun game. Both teams played a great game, however the Geckos scored more goals in the end.  The Player of the Day award went to Bailey for his excellent team work, passing and chasing down the ball. Congrats Bailey – great work!

Special mention to Paul who also received an award for filling in and adding numbers for the Goannas who were short on numbers for the game! Great club spirit Paul!


U8 Bees

The weekend saw the Bees play an away game at South Pine vs Albany Creek Excelsior. The boys have a number of new friends as the team grew this year, and they are quickly learning each other’s names and showing fantastic teamwork and encouragement. A lot of fun was had with the full-time oranges!!

Eddie received a Red Rooster Player of the Day award for great passing and a super shot from the side back into the field for Max to score. Will received the Hungry Jacks Player of the Day award for some super star defending and stopping a number of goals from being scored.

U8 Hornets

In Round 2 the Hornets came up against a competitive Grange team. The Hornets controlled the ball for most of the game and made some nice passes out to the wings throughout the first half to move the ball forward quickly and take a number of shots on goal. The score was nil-all at half time and the boys made the most of the half time orange break after a lot of running around the pitch!

Grange scored a goal against the run of play to go up 1-nil half way through the second half, however, with some good runs and team passing up field, Patty was able to equalise to make it 1-all just before the full-time whistle.

Attis played his first game of the season and shared the goalkeeping role with Jasper. Due to a lot of great defending, the keepers didn’t have to make too many saves but were able to do some nice goal kicks to find their teammates in space.

Mika received the Hungry Jacks Player of the Day award for his non-stop running whilst he was on the pitch, making some great breaks and showing off his dribbling skills.

Archie received the Kickin Chicken Player of the Day award for his solid midfield efforts. He was a rock in defence, found his team mates upfield with some great passes and also made some great solo runs in attack.

Looking forward to Round 3 against Newmarket!

U9 Dingoes

Round 2 saw the Dingoes play our first game at home against Bardon Latrobe.

The lads had worked hard all week on our shape and passing and it showed – with a much more organised and controlled game.

It was a very even flowing game with plenty of chances for both teams and the game was played in fantastic spirits with both sets of supporters leaving with a smile on their faces.

Bardon squeaked past us on the day with a 2-0 result but there is plenty for us to be proud about and are improving exponentially!

The ‘Kickin Chicken’ Player of the Day award went to the team’s goalkeeper Will Thickett. He was a wall at the back in the first half before coming out of the sticks and running his heart out.

Looking forward to Round 3 and a trek up the road to the awaiting Caboolture Redbellies. Goodluck Dingoes!

U9 Brumbies

Another win from the U9 Brumbies!!  The girls had a more difficult game this week against Bardon. Both teams were on a very similar level skill wise with the Brumbies taking the lead.

The first goal was scored by Lily. Freya made a break towards goal and tried to score, unfortunately the keeper got to the ball before it could make it to the goal. However, after a fumble from the opposing keeper Lily was able to swoop in and score. The second goal, Lily dribbled the ball from our half through most of the other team and had a crack at goal. The keeper caught the ball once again, however stumbled over the line giving us another goal. The girls are starting to show some really solid passages of play with lots of passing and even some through-balls.

Lucy and Quinn both had a go at being goal keepers and both did amazing. They saved lots of goals and distributed the ball quickly and effectively. This game had lots of corners in our favour, which gave the girls lots of practice at these and helped them to start to figure out some tactics.

Players of the Day this week were Amber and Piper. Amber did an awesome job of playing in any position on the field and did lots of good passing and working with her team. Piper was super quick today and made lots of good passes to teammates in space. She also did lots of good dribbling and got around a number of the Bardon players.

U10 Wolves

On the synthetic field at the Moreton Bay Sports Complex was the scene for the U10 tussle between the Caboolture Cobras and the Westside Wolves. The Cobras had an early strike, scoring the first goal of the game.  While game play was mostly in front of the Cobra’s goal, the Wolves found that scoring opportunities slipped and slithered away.  That is, until a goal just before half time to the Wolves signalled a change in momentum.  The Wolf pack returned, with real sense of confidence and cooperation. Making good use of space and position, they steadily hunted down goal-scoring opportunities, with a final score of 10:1 against the Cobras.

Two Player of the Day awards this week went to Jack for scoring 4 of the goals and Fraser for his tenacity and being instrumental in setting up scoring opportunities. Congratulations to the players and thanks to Jonno and Jerry for their coaching efforts this week. We’ve really seen some great improvements in how the kids have been working together as a team, and it’s good to see them adjust to the larger pitch!

U12 Warriors

Round 2 was the first game for our U12 Warriors and the first game playing a game together for a lot of the team. It was very warm in the middle part of the day and it was not the best start to our season with only 1 reserve and a couple of players taking the field with injuries.

The Player of the Day award went to Eva who played a very good game at the back with very solid defence and keeping her team mates in line. Flynn scored 2 goals late in the first half which came from Eva’s excellent build-up play from the back.

Unfortunately, the Warriors went down to a good Taringa side. Whilst the result may not have reflected the effort and moments of quality the team showed, we look forward to an exciting home game this weekend against Bardon as we continue working on our team play.

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