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Juniors Round Up: 2022 Round 3

May 13, 2022

Around the Grounds

There was a lot of excitement down at Westside as our home teams continued on with much improved performances. A number of Coaches praised their teams for working hard in their matches and really starting to apply the principles they have been learning during the training sessions.

U6 Tigers

Another great outing for the Tigers team this week with a full team showing fantastic enthusiasm and teamwork

They went down 5-2 but kept their never give up attitude and had some great pieces of play.

Well done to Toby M who finally got to play his first game and scored the Player of the Day award while he was at it!!

U7 Goannas

The U7 Goannas had a lot of energy this week in their match against Mitchelton Gold Coast.  It was a very even game, with lots of running and tackling from both sides.

Some new rules were learnt (“just kick it out!!) and the team tried their absolute best.

They were all completely knackered by the end! It was a fast-paced game and all agree the final score was a draw.

Congratulations to Kaden who was awarded the Player of the Day!

U7 Geckos

Great game on the weekend for the Geckos against Mitchie Melbourne.

Plenty of counter attacks up the field and successful shots on goal, with some good defending as well.

The team is really starting to gel with Coach Matt trying different combinations and getting the boys working well together.

The Player of the Day award went to Levi for some good passing and shots on goal.

U8 Wasps

The Wasps are making steady progress and this week we hosted Virginia.  The goal keepers were again in the thick of the action but we created many more opportunities and kept fighting.

Our Player of the Day award this week went to Fletcher for calmly finishing and chalking up our first goal of the season, followed by our 2nd within minutes.

Keep working hard Wasps, there’s plenty more to come!

U8 Bees

The Bees played another Albany Creek Excelsior team this week and what a game!

So much effort all round and lots of great passing. The boys are starting to use the bigger field which is great. It was high intensity for all (including us parents on the sidelines) as there were great shots at goals and awesome defending.

It was such a close game and everyone had lots of fun!! Players of the Day went to Ollie and Beau. Congratulations to all for an impressive game!

U8 Hornets

In Round 3, the Hornets travelled to take on an undefeated Newmarket team on their home pitch.

It was a tight game with the ball going from one end to the other throughout the match, however the Hornets were able to put one into the back of the net during the second half via a great cross out wide which Archie made a nice finish to win the game 1-nil!

It was very pleasing to see the team start to spread out across the pitch and hold their attacking & defending positions which we have been working hard on at training!

Edgar took out the Hungry Jacks Player of the Day award for his second half goal keeping stint – maintaining a clean sheet, making some nice saves and providing some good goal kicks to his team mates to get the ball out wide and down the field quickly. Also special mention must go to Fitzy (Ned F) for his great goal keeping efforts in the first half also to maintain a clean sheet and make some great saves!

Ned S received the Kickin Chicken Player of the Day award for his non-stop hard work throughout the entire game. He kept the ball close for some nice dribbles down field in attack and got back in defence to help his team mates keep the opposition from progressing.

Great game Hornets and we look forward to the next one!

U9 Dingoes

Round 3 saw the Dingoes head up the highway for a clash with the Caboolture Redbellies.

Coming off a slow start to the season, we had a strong training session earlier in the week and the team was focused and ready – and didn’t it show!

From the kick off they were a strong unit, working together and pressing the opposition team in their own half, where we were to spend the majority of the game.

The new confidence in their abilities and willingness to move the ball showed and the goals started flowing. Magnus and Toby both bagging hat tricks each with Braxton rounding out the scoring to give the Dingoes a 7-0 win and first for the season.

A fantastic team effort and we could have easily handed out awards to everyone in the squad – but this week’s Kickin Chicken Player of the Day went to Toby Whiting for his outstanding contribution and positive attitude.

A shout out also to Jaxon Cook who received this week’s Zarraffas training award for his dedication, focus and application at training.

Well done Dingoes!

U9 Brumbies

The girls all played amazing and did their Coaches and players from the Ladies Metro team who came down to watch very very proud!

Everyone looks like they are really enjoying the season so far and the Coaches can’t wait to see them grow as players and a team in the season ahead!

The two Player of the Day awards went to Lucy and Quinn. Lucy had a great game in goals in the second half with a great use of the box and some excellent passes out to the players on the field. We are very excited to see Lucy grow as a keeper if she chooses that path.

Quinn was chosen by one of the metro ladies players Nicole. Nicole said she thought Quinn played an excellent game, never gave up and always gave everything she had.

We are all very proud of the girls and we can’t wait to show them the surprise we have for them at the BBQ.

U10 Wallabies

The Wallabies came out fired up this week after a tough game the previous week.

The opposition was Bribie Island Cahill. Some great play from all players this week, with the boys trying their best to put into practice the skills they have been working on in training.

Bribie Island showed some good attack at times, but the Wallabies were too strong and came away with a 7-0 win.

Benson was awarded Player of the Day – for successfully executing what they had been practising in training.

Overall, it was a brilliant effort from the team and they are keen to keep progressing and learning. Well done Wallabies!

U11 Bears

The U11 Bears played a hard-fought match against Mitchelton, and despite some good attempts at goal, went down 3-1.

With only a few games under their belts, the Bears are already showing great progress and coming together as a team!

Joint Player of the Day awards went to Sam and Toby – congrats boys!

U12 Wanderers

The Wanderer’s played a tight game – but unfortunately were beaten by Brighton 3-0 in the end.

The Player of the Day awards went to Ryan and Ava for their efforts throughout the entire match.

U12 Warriors

In Round 3, the Warrior’s second game saw us take on Bardon for our first home game of the season in which we showed a vastly improved performance as a team.

Coming ever so close on so many occasions to scoads high and looking ring was the story of the game for us but unfortunately, we took a very narrow loss.

A big thanks to Ty for filling in after his Wanderers game in place of our Eva!

Hoping the rain stays away – we will look to go into Round 4 with our heto keep improving on our teamwork.

The Player of the Day went to Sammy G who put in an A+ performance as goalie for his first time ever playing there and kept plenty of goals out with some key saves! Well done Sammy!

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