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Juniors Round Up: 2023 Round 1

April 29, 2023

Around the Grounds

Round 1 saw 11 out of our 19 Junior teams play home games – from U6s right through to the U13s. It was an exciting atmosphere around the grounds and great to see all the smiling faces and kids enjoying their first round of soccer in our new Junior uniforms – for some it was their first game!

There were mixed results right across the board for our teams, however, it was great to hear that all teams improved as they progressed through their matches. Some teams managed to break double-figures with their scoring efforts in their first games – which shows the training and team work is paying off early in the Season. Thanks to the Coaches, Managers and Parents who shared some match information and photos for the first game and we look forward to seeing how all our teams progress throughout the Season.

U6 Tigers

The Tigers first match was at home against the Samford Mariners and the Tigers started strong with Ryker opening the scoring with the first goal of the Match. Asher then followed soon after with a second goal for the Tigers.

Theo had a stellar performance scoring two successive goals then topped it off with a hat trick before the end of the first half. The Mariners did not give up and fought their way back on the scoring sheet but the Tigers were too strong, capturing their first win with a final score of 6-4.

Players of the Day awards went to Theo for scoring 4 goals, Max H., Ryker, Oscar and Frankie.

U7 Goannas

We had a great first game to start the season against Pine Hills Pandas at home. There was some great passing, excellent team work and chasing down the ball from everyone.

It was a tough game and everyone played really well. We ended up with a win with a final score of 6-4.

Our first team award went to Ryan – for being a great team player, attacking the ball and looking for his team mates to pass to. This was also his first official game of soccer. Well done Ryan!

The second team award went to Toby – great running onto the ball and dribbling, passing to his team mates and managed a few sneaky goals..Great work Toby!

Looking forward to seeing the team work grow through the season and most importantly….having fun playing the game!!

U8 Hornets

The Hornets kicked off their season with a bang against The Gap FC Melbourne Victory on Saturday. These young soccer stars were bursting with energy, ready to show off their skills in their slick new playing jerseys that had everyone talking, especially with those cool numbers!

Right from the get-go, the Hornets came out firing, launching shots on goal left and right, and it didn’t take long for Mason to find the back of the net with an epic goal that set the tone for the rest of the game. The Hornets were in control, dominating the field with their skilful play and impressive teamwork.

Ned, James, Romeo, and Mason were on fire, scoring multiple goals each, showcasing their deadly strikes and fancy footwork. Even Salvi got in on the action, blasting a fantastic goal into the net. The opposing team’s goalie had a tough time trying to keep up with the relentless onslaught of goals from the Hornets squad!

But it wasn’t just about the goals, the entire team shone brightly on the field. Henry and Oscar took turns guarding the net as goalies, and Liam F, Liam M, and Micah also made their mark, showing off their skills in their first game with the team.

The final score was 13-0 to the Hornets. Ned was awarded Player of the Day for his incredible 5-goal performance, leaving no doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with. The team are looking forward to their first home game next week in Round 2.

U8 Wasps

First run out for the new U8 Wasps was a home game against Newmarket Kickers.  A full team turnout for the first game saw everyone have a run and get involved and the new red and black kits looked so vibrant on field.

Rowan scored the first goal of the season which started an avalanche of goals for the Wasps with almost every player scoring a goal in the decisive 11-0 victory.

Adam and Lenny ran their socks off getting involved in tackles, solid dribbling runs and good passing and whilst it was a quiet day defending goals for the Wasps – it was wonderful to see Sergio and Levi put their hands up first game for this important role and both players were vocal and supportive of the team on field.

A strong start to the season from the Wasps and everyone is looking forward to game 3 with a BYE in Round 2.

U9 Falcons

The U9 Falcons first game was at home against UQFC Yellow. The match was closely contested with the Falcons dominating the first half; whilst UQFC Yellow found their groove giving the Falcons a better challenge in the second half.

The scoring started with an unfortunate own goal by the Falcons, however, Woody soon after levelled the score to finish the first half 1-all.

There were some displays of great kicking, passing and running up and down the field by the Falcons, however the match was tightly contested through the middle. UQFC moved ahead by scoring a header towards the end of the second half but the Falcons didn’t stop trying to level the match.

Time ran out and the Falcons finished the first game of the season with a 2-1 loss. Great hustle overall by the Falcons. The Player of the Day awards went to Woody, Braxton, Ben and Jasper.

U9 Raptors

The newly formed u9 Raptors were excited to start our season away at Toowong, and the boys were ready for their first test in the Kangaroo division.
The Raptors started strong and dominated early possession with some great passing moves starting from the back and creating some early opportunities with an elusive first goal proving to be just out of reach.
Toowong capitalised on some uncharacteristic errand passing and we found ourselves down at the half.
After a quick fruit break and team talk the Raptors exploded out of the half with two quick fore goals from Toby and the game was back on.
Our defensive unit of Will A, Mika and Leo repelled numerous attacks and our keeper Will was kept busy and forced into numerous saves.
Toowong was able to pull ahead despite a great goal from Patty to keep us within one.
What we would of given for another 5 minutes!
Despite a 4-3 loss, the Raptors played some great football and there were plenty of positives to take from our first appearance for the season.
Looking forward to round 2 back at home.
Domino’s player of the match was presented to Leo B, some great cover defence and positive attitude was a great building block for the team moving forward.

U10 Dingoes

The Dingoes faced off against the Bardon FC Devils in a highly competitive match filled with excitement and energy. All twelve players on the Dingoes team showed up and were ready to give it their all on the field.

The Dingoes proved to be a strong team and managed to win the match 4-0. TJ scored an impressive hat trick, giving the Dingoes a commanding lead.
Despite the loss – the Devils played well and fought hard throughout the match. They showed great determination and teamwork, with each player doing their part to try and turn the game around.
Off the field, the atmosphere was fun and light-hearted. Watermelon was a hit amongst the players and a special thanks to Amy who brought oranges for the team to enjoy during their halftime break.

The weather was on the warm side, but thankfully the rain held off, allowing both teams to play their best game possible. Overall, it was a great game with lots of action and enthusiasm from both sides. Looking forward to Round 2!

See more of the action here from the Dingoes Round 1:

U10 Dingoes – Round 1 Video

U10 Brumbies

The Brumbies are back!! This year they’ve moved up to U10s which means a larger field and a larger team welcoming new members Josie, Nadia and Bella to the squad.

The Brumbies played away at New Farm and whilst they took some time to find their groove in the first half, Lucy was put to the test in goals and showed persistence in defence with some challenging saves which was matched by Quinn who took over as goalkeeper in the second half.

The Brumbies only goal came from a lovely piece of teamwork between Lily and Lucy with Chloe also showing some strong ball control and some solid shots on goal in the second half.

Whilst the game didn’t go the Brumbies’ way, it was a good opportunity for the team to play together again and for new team members to experience the Brumbies spirit! Week 2 is a home game at 10.30am so get down and support the girls if you can!

U11 Wallabies

The Wallabies kicked off the season with a 6-3 win against Albany Creek Excelsior at home.

With the first goal scored by Rhys within the first few minutes, great passing and positioning saw more to come with Nash, Eddie and Remy hitting the back of the net as well.

During the match each Wallaby played 5 minutes for the opposition who were short on players. They all played their best showing absolute sportsmanship with Benson even scoring for ACE during his stint as sub.

With half of the team new to the Club this Season, it was great to see the Wallabies’ hard work at training pay off with the team supporting each other and showing great communication to come away with the win.

Congratulations to our Players of the Day – Lysander, Alex and Rhys.

U11 Wolves

After a hugely successful campaign last season, the Wolves team have moved up into the Kangaroo K2 division. The team has completed a solid pre-season training block of 14 sessions to prepare for the move up and it certainly showed!

The first game was away against the Samford Rangers Glory, the Wolves managing a 5 – 1 win.

The scoreline could have been very different if it wasn’t for the excellent goal-keeping from Landon, making multiple saves and preventing goals from two 1 v 1 situations. The goal conceded was via a deflection which he could not have prevented. Supporting Landon, the backline consisted of James (CB), Maxi (LB), and Sam (RB), who all performed very well. Sam joined the team this season, and has only recently started playing football. Sam has been working super hard with his parents and BF Teo during the off season to get up to standard, and is also playing alongside Jack for their school team.

All the players voted to give Sam the Player of the Day award for his amazing first game effort and performance. Well done Sam!!!

In front of the backline, we had Noah (CDM) – his instructions were to support the defence and help press against the oncoming attack. Noah, as always, won multiple challenges in midfield.

On the attacking side we had Alex (CAM), Jack (LW), Eli (CF) and Teo (RW). Alex did an exceptional job providing support to the front 3 and creating his own opportunities. The first 10 mins or so were fairly tense, with both teams even and highly competitive. Fortunately, Eli managed to score the opening goal with a great 2 touch finish in the box. That certainly changed the momentum and the Wolves went into half-time 3 – 0 up with another goal from Eli and one from Teo.

Heading into the second half there was not much to change except trying to minimise loss of possession playing out from the back, and playing more effective long balls from the goal kick. Eli dropped back to provide overloads in midfield and played a few long balls from the spot to assist in executing this strategy. Both Eli and Teo got on the score sheet again in the second half – both with excellent strikes from outside the box.

The Samford boys were getting increasingly frustrated towards the end of the match, committing multiple fouls, and the boys were getting very tired as we had no subs for this game. I encouraged them to maintain possession and wind the clock down, which they did quite effectively.

All in all, an excellent first day at the office. Well done Wolves!!!

U12 Gliders

Our new U12 all-girls team, the Westside Gliders, played their very first game on Saturday against the Moggill Matildas. Whilst the Matildas were clearly the more experienced team, winning 6 – 0, the Gliders put in a brave first effort coming away with plenty of game education, demonstrated by the massive improvement shown in the second half.

The Moggill Matilda’s scored five goals in the first half and only one in the second as the Gliders focussed on maintaining their positions and moving the ball wide. Blair did an amazing job as goalie, winning her the Player of the Day award. Well done, Gliders! Keep your heads up and keep having fun!

U12 Warriors

The Warriors had the long-haul trip for their first game of the Season making their way up the Bruce Highway to Bribie Island.

With some new faces to the Club and Warriors team this Season, Coach Greg and Assistant Coach Shane have been working hard at training with the Warriors over the past 6-8 weeks to get them up to speed for the Kangaroo Division challenge in 2023.

An early 1-nil lead was taken by the Warriors after a nice long ball was finished off in the back of the net off the boot of Flynn, however, Bribie fought their way back and used their size and strength to take a 2-1 lead into the half time break. The Warriors had done a good job in their first game together as a team so far, and Jonah was solid in his first game as goal-keeper.

The second half saw some tiring Warriors losing possession in critical moments at the back, with the Bribie team posting another 3 goals. The Warriors still fought hard and had multiple opportunities to score some goals but just couldn’t get the finishing touch they needed.

Flynn, Dante, Theo and Lenox all played well up-front, challenging hard for the ball and creating scoring opportunities through some nice dribbling and passing. Eva, Jett and Bryn shared the mid-field duties and challenged well against their bigger opponents, whilst Dashel, Eamon and Eli fought hard at the back.

Sam was awarded the Player of the Day award for his unrelenting effort throughout the entire game at the back, taking what he has been learning at training over the past few weeks and implementing it well during the game! Great work Sam and the Warriors look forward to their Round 2 clash at home!

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