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Juniors Round Up: 2023 Round 12

August 4, 2023

Around the Grounds

In Round 12, our Westside Junior teams continued to dominate across a number of divisions. The goals continue to flow and the team work is getting better and better each week. The kids are continuing to put in effort at training during the week which flows onto the pitch on game day to get the job done – it is fantastic to see!


U6 Tigers

The Tigers Round 12 fixture was at home against Dayboro U6 Yellow. The Tigers appeared happy to be playing at home once again for what appeared to be a very long time since the last home game in Round 8.

The Tigers displayed great form and dominated possession of the ball throughout the game. Asher started off the scoring to end his long goal drought. Ryker also scored for the first time in several games. Theo’s speed and great dribbling skills to find the back of the goal added to the Tigers lead, whilst Oscar sealed the win with his first goal of the season.

The Tigers have pulled off their first consecutive wins this season with a 4-1 victory over the Dayboro U6 Yellow. The Tigers have focused on defending the goal much better in the past couple of games, and the great hustle by all to battle for the ball have proven to be the difference in the last couple of matches. Well done Tigers!

The Player of the Day awards went to Asher for scoring the first goal of the match and Oscar for scoring his first goal of the season.

U8 Wasps

Another excellent performance by the Wasps this week. Since we’ve transitioned to positional pairings in defence, midfield and attack, we’re more organised in defence. This was especially evident in the second half when we restricted the opposition to minimal chances in and around our box.

Attacking in numbers with the ball and creating more chances resulting in 3 “formal” goals from Bailey (2) and Sergio and strong assist from Lenny.  A fourth goal by Rowan was initially disallowed and sent to penalty but later saved by the goalie.

Pierre was strong all game and involved in everything, seeing him awarded the Player of the Day award.  It was also encouraging to witness how positively the boys responded to going in at half time a goal down.  Solid game by the Wasps and looking forward to the derby next round against Westside Hornets.

U8 Hornets

In another great U8s match, Westside Hornets faced off against the Newmarket Rockets. The Hornets had 3 players away sick, but luckily had assistance from Bailey and Alan, who stepped in to assist. The action-packed match saw some excellent goal attempts, with Ned successfully finding the net and later scoring a header, all in the first 10 minutes!

Micah’s outstanding defensive skills were evident throughout the game, showcasing his improvement. The teams displayed exceptional passing, making it the best passing performance of the season. Alan’s powerful shots added to the excitement, making the first half end with a 2-0 lead for the Hornets.

The second half began with a strong start for the Hornets, as Liam M and Liam F combined for a fantastic goal. Henry followed up with another impressive goal, taking the lead to 4-0. The Rockets fought hard but couldn’t break through the Hornets’ determined defence.

As the match progressed, the Hornets continued to dominate. James scored after a well-executed throw-in, and Ned managed to find the net once again, thanks to a brilliant play from Alan. Alan eventually got his deserved goal, contributing to the Hornets’ final score of 7-0.

It was a sensational performance by the Hornets, showcasing their teamwork, skill, and determination, with the commanding victory over the Rockets.

Player of the Day awards this week went to James and Ned. The boys are all looking forward to the derby match next week against the Westside U8 Wasps, begging the question…who will sting the hardest????

U9 Falcons

The Falcons Round 12 fixture was away against UQFC U9 Yellow. The Falcons got on the score sheet with a quick goal through Cooper to move ahead in the contest but the lead was short lived as UQ returned serve with a couple of goals.

The Falcons played without subs in this match but put on a great effort in defence, and also created several scoring opportunities to level the score. Both teams appeared evenly matched but the Falcons came up short this week with a 4-1 loss. The Player of the Day awards this week went to Cooper and Oliver for their efforts.

U9 Vultures

The Vultures were back to the start of the draw to face their Round 1 opponent this time away at Pine Hills, but without Archie, Likit and Ellis.

Leo had his first go in goal this season, with Archer, James, Fletcher and Eli interchanging up front. While Edgar with a bandaged arm unable to play goalkeeper, instead playing fullback with Theo and Henry.

Pine Hills scored a couple of nice goals with passes into their forwards, while Leo made some fantastic saves in an unfamiliar role, tipping one wide, another onto the post, and diving on a couple of loose balls.

Fletcher was looking to move the ball closer to goal, and helped get the team up the field, and win a few corners. One of Archer’s corners produced our best chance of the game, landing right in front of the goal, but James wasn’t able to kick it in before being swamped by defenders. 2-0 at the break.

A few sugary treats at halftime had the Vultures bouncing into the second half. James on the wing was working hard to run the ball and take on defenders and found Eli up front. Theo tried a chip into the goal, and Eli took a number of shots which hit every post and required saves from the Pine Hills keeper. Apart from the one runaway goal Pine Hills did score, Fletcher had a relatively easy second half in goal as the Vultures kept most of the play down the other end, but just couldn’t score.

3-0 was the final score – the Vultures were the better team in the second half having most of the shots and keeping the ball firmly in Pine Hills half. A little bit more composure with the ball near the opposition goal is required, but a good effort from the boys with three away and some players trying new positions for the first time.

Post-game donuts for Archer’s birthday were enjoyed by all.

The Player of the Day award went to James for listening and working hard to take on players down the wing, and find his centre forward with passes.

U9 Raptors

A dominant performance from the Raptors this week, with a big 3-1 win over Taringa Rovers Yellow. Taringa went ahead early against the run of play, pouncing on a small error in some otherwise composed defending, but it wasn’t long before Raptors were on the board when Patty pounced on a saved shot from Toby and chipped the keeper to equalise.

It was only minutes later that Toby and Patty combined again with Toby hitting the post before sliding the ball across to find Patty brilliantly positioned in front of an open goal. Our third came in the second half from hard work between Beau on the right wing crossing to Max whose delightful strike couldn’t be stopped by their keeper.

A strong performance from the team, with excellent individual efforts from all of the lads. Check out the match highlights reel below:


U10 Brumbies

After having nearly a month off the field due to holiday break, a bye and then a late cancelled game – the Brumbies were ready to go!

All the girls were revved up so hit the field hot with a “just missed” goal attempt in the first 10 mins. There was a lot of ball possession and good tackling by the Brumbies, definitely inspired by the Matilda’s game on Thursday night!

Newmarket scored early in the second half off a penalty and the Brumbies quickly responded with a goal from Ruby! The girls played a game to be proud of with excellent team work and lots of great passing, and our goalies were on fire.

Unfortunately, there were a few challenging calls for the Brumbies and when Newmarket were awarded a penalty kick (Miniroos rules are no direct penalties) in the last 3 mins of play, the Brumbies were defeated 2-1. Piper and Nadia received the Player of the Day awards for their efforts.

U11 Wolves

With a full squad available, the Wolves were coming in hot for this one, having played arguably their best game the prior week against Pine Hills. This was the return fixture at home against Samford, who the Wolves had dispatched 5 – 1 in the first game of the season. The key question was whether the boys could maintain the intensity shown in the previous week and continue to build on the excellent passing and pressing which characterised the previous win.

It was a lightning start. Noah provided a great throw-in down the line to Teo, who initially lost possession but then won the ball back, completing his signature over the head flick move to make a penetrating run down the line. Beating two defenders and making it all the way to the by-line squaring it off to Finn who netted the tap in. 1 – 0 to the Wolves within 2 mins.

Generally, the Wolves were having the better of the game, they were pressing well. It did however lack the intensity of the prior week, partly because Samford were not playing at a high tempo and unfortunately the Wolves didn’t capitalise. Samford were clearing the ball aimlessly, when they did get a break, the defence was well structured and effective at clearing the danger.

Training has been heavily focused on defensive shape and attacking combinations in the final third, so build up play is definitely the next wave of sessions to come as well as more focus on the midfield. There were multiple instances where no-one was tracking back leaving the defence to deal with 4 v 3 situations, which they did very well.

Eli and Dex came on around the 12-minute mark, and had an immediate impact, linking up and nearly scoring a goal. Then shortly afterwards, Eli made a great run and had a one-two combination that nearly led to another goal. Finn and Eli were exceptional in their tracking back when they lost possession and attempts to win the ball back high up the pitch. Landon made a great save from a counter after we lost possession from a throw in. Landon had a good game in general, his decision making was very good from goal kicks.

We had a bit of a dodgy substitute ref for the game – some bloke named Shane Gregory – who we think someone from Samford slipped him a $50 before the game. But joking aside, it was great to have Shane on the pitch. Things got a little heated at the end of the half with Dex being fouled, and tensions started to rise. Toward the end of the half, there was a claim that Dex had punched one of the Samford players. Fortunately, we have the Veo footage, and this definitely wasn’t the case. The boys came off incensed that they had tried to pin this on Dex, therefore most of the half-time chat was spent settling them down. We had a pack of Wolves on our hands!
The instructions we did discuss were focused on higher intensity levels, passing the ball around more and tracking back to support the defence on the counter. Referee Shane had a chat to both teams prior to second half kick-off to de-escalate the tension visible in both camps.

The second half started pretty well, some good link up play, and the Wolves were camped out in their half. Eli was awarded a free kick on the edge of the box down the left wing. After scoring the last one at Bribie, Eli and Teo had a pact that Teo would take the next one. It was a difficult angle, Teo hit a great strike that glanced the cross-bar! We all thought it was going top bins……so close. The pressure was mounting on Samford, the goal kick following on from Teo’s free kick, saw the Wolves mount a great press. Noah, who was a handful as usual, managed to win the ball and get it to Alex. The ball found its way to Finn on the left wing, who threaded the needle between two oncoming defenders to Eli in the box. Eli took a touch and smashed a left-footed half-volley into the bottom corner, 2 – 0 Wolves.

The game reverted to a scrappy affair, with the Wolves pressing and Samford booting high balls up the pitch. There was one situation where Samford got in behind the defence and Jack did some great emergency defending, shouldering their attacker off the ball and ultimately winning a throw. The Wolves were still creating plenty of chances and winning corner kicks as a result. Teo delivered an excellent one near post and Jack made a great diagonal run, just missing the near post. Eli was getting a lot of joy intercepting their goal kick attempts, creating 2 chances toward the end of the game that he’d usually bury.

With seconds on the clock, we lost the ball in midfield and Samford had a break, Sam was in a great position and attempted the clearance. Unfortunately, the ball ricocheted off the striker and fell into his path, Samford got a late goal!
It was too little too late, and the Wolves took out the 2 – 1 win. That’s 1 goal conceded in the last 2 games, the defence is in good shape, just have to get those passes to feet in the build-up and the intensity back up.

Player of the Day awards went to Finn and Noah. Finn had a hand in both the goals and was pressing really well, hungry for the ball at all times. Noah, as per usual was rock solid and a menace, delivering some great throws as well. Onwards and upwards for the Wolves!

U11 Wallabies

The U11 Wallabies played away against Moggill FC Quokkas.

The game started out with Moggill on the offensive but the Wallabies kept them at bay with great defensive play. Remy opened the score with a goal for the Wallabies early in the first half which was quickly followed by a goal by Moggill FC.

The match stayed at 1-1 with great defensive play from both sides until well into the second half. The Wallabies caught their second wind with consistent offense and numerous shots on goal which paid off in a wonderful team goal scored by Kai.

Extra big thanks goes to Kai and James for subbing for us after playing in their own matches.

Congratulations to Lysander for his efforts in goal and Eddie for his great work rate who were awarded our Player of the Day awards.

U12 Gliders

We weren’t sure what to expect from the New Farm United Furies having not encountered them this season. It soon became apparent they were a passionate and determined team spurred on by an even more passionate supporter base.

The Furies dominated the first half, with accurate passes and a lot of pace that allowed them to sneak behind the Gliders’ defence, giving them plenty of chances at goal.  Fortunately, Blair was back in action this week and saved many of their attempts at goal from going in.

The Gliders midfield were playing well with good pressure from Sophia and some nice tackles by Nina. Passes to our forwards weren’t always connecting, mainly due to pressure from New Farm. When our forwards did win the ball we had a chance to show our skills and there were some marvellous dribbling and passes by KB, picked up by Freya and some impressive feats of athleticism from Katie.

The Furies scored their first goal 15 minutes into the first half followed by another five minutes later.  KB made an excellent attempt at goal just before half time but to no avail. The celebratory shouting from New Farm was driving us to distraction and between the noise and the sun it seemed there would be no reprieve. At half time the score was 2-0 to New Farm.

The second half proved just as intense. Gliders’ defence were working really hard and when I asked Isla for her observation she only just managed to pant, “They kick really hard!”. As if to prove it, the Furies scored their third goal, a crazy big kick from midfield, followed by a fourth one just a few minutes later.

The Furies’ supporters were being just as infuriatingly loud and showed no signs of abating. By this stage many of us on the sidelines were wandering around like cows looking for shade. But the Gliders played on. Two thirds into the second half, KB gave us cause to rejoice scoring the first goal for the Gliders. The Furies retaliated with a fifth goal making the score 5-1 at full time.

The final score in no way does justice to the nerve-wracking nature of the game and while the Furies were up the entire game, the Gliders put in a great effort. KB and Katie won Player of the Day awards for consistently applying pressure up front.

Good persistence, Gliders. Next week we’re up against Grange Thistle again, but this time we’ll be on home ground. Keep up the intensity and focus at training and Go Gliders!!!

U12 Warriors

The Warriors were at home in Round 12 hosting Bardon Latrobe FC Red. The Warriors were down a few players with Bryn and Liam out sick and Eamon injured – but it was great to see Eamon down cheering on his team from the sideline!

Down to the bare 9, the Warriors were able to call on Eli and Noah from the Wolves to help out for the game and both the boys were not out of place when given their opportunities on the pitch through-out the match.

Following on from their near winning efforts in Round 11, the Warriors took the field for a dominating first half performance, controlling the ball through the middle of the park, passing to feet and playing nice through balls to their team mates up front. Dante played in goals again in the first half, making some excellent saves when required, with Jonah playing central defender again. Jett and Dashel again were relentless in defence, winning the ball from the Bardon players in most challenges and breaking down the Bardon attack.

Sam and Eva worked well again in the midfield, putting together some nice 1-2s before finding Flynn at striker, or working the ball to Theo, Eli and Noah on the wings. Bardon found a goal late in the first half against the run of play and from an offside position (no offsides in U12s) to be 1-nil up at the half-time break.

Jonah found himself back in goals for the second half with Dante moving to the wing. Eli had a crack at right-back where he had not played before, but made a gallant effort in defence and worked tirelessly at the back. The Warriors continued to pass well and dominate possession, but could not find the back of the net after multiples shots. Bardon continually kicked the ball over the goal line, gifting the Warriors 10+ corners throughout the match and unfortunately, they could not capitalise.

Bardon scored another two goals in the second half against the run of play and again from offside positions to win the match 3-0, however Coach Greg told the Warriors at the end of the game it was the best team performance to date and the Warriors should be very proud of their efforts today.

The Player of the Day award went to Jett for another solid performance and his continual growth throughout the Season, with Eli and Noah receiving awards for their efforts in filling in for the match.

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