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Juniors Round Up: 2024 Round 2

May 3, 2024

Around the Grounds

Round 2 saw our first home games of the Season on the brand new pitches and it was exciting for all our teams playing on the new turf at Grovely Sports Grounds!

There was fantastic football, some great results and goals galore for our Westside teams, showcasing some great skills early in the Season. Check out the Round 2 goal montage below:

U6 Dolphins

In an exciting showdown against the Samford Mariners at their home ground, our U6 Dolphins team lit up the field on a beautiful morning.

Welcoming Dusty into our squad brought a spark of energy as he zoomed around, always where the action was. Joey dazzled again by scoring a fantastic goal that had everyone cheering. Jayce showed his skilled footwork, taking the ball from the other team many times, while Madeleine guarded our goal with all her might, making some great saves. Sophie and Luca were dynamos, running to help their teammates and chase the ball to our goal. And let’s not forget Abigail, who was our brave ninja sneaking the ball away from the other team with skill.

The Dolphins teamwork and smiles all around as they grew in confidence made us all super proud! The Player of the day award went to Dusty – for getting straight into the game and going after the ball. 
The Training Award went to Abigail for growing each week in skills and confidence. 

U6 Sharks

The Sharks had a tough away game against Samford Rangers Victory.

Some great passing is starting to happen, and the teamwork is building as we get into the season. Looking forward to our next game.. 

Players of the Day in Round 2 were:

Melita for great passing & defending and Evelyn for good skills with the ball and team work.

We also have Cade who joined the team in Round 2 – welcome Cade!

U7 Lions

It was a warm and sunny morning out at Samford for our Round 2 match against the Samford Rangers U7 Jets. Due to the long weekend, we were missing Byron, but the Samford team was missing a few more players. 

To make the most of the day, Bob kindly volunteered to play for the Jets so they could field a team. This meant the Lions played with 1 sub and the Jets had only 4 players in total.

The first half was tightly contested by both teams, focused on moving the ball down to their goals.  Even with smaller teams, all the players were constantly on the move.  We welcomed Xander to the Lions for his first match, and he fit in perfectly. Xander showed concentration and ability to read the play, getting into position quickly and communicating with the rest of the team. We went into halftime with the scores close at 2-1.  

The teams took a much-needed break to catch their breath.  And when Victor offered to swap with Bob and play the second half for the Jets, Bob was happy to continue with the other team so we went into the next half with no changes.

The Lions continued to display teamwork and encouragement for each other. Both teams took lots of shots for goal, and the Lions did some great defending.  Ethan was cheering everyone on throughout the match, even having a joke with Bob when Ethan kicked it straight to him on the Jets.  Clara showed increasing confidence, getting possession of the ball multiple times. The Lions were physical, blocking a few goals and intercepting even more passes.  Victor was our leading goal kicker, with 3 and Milo 1, with the Lions winning 4 – 2. 

Player of the Day Awards went to Bob for putting his hand up to play for the Jets, and Xander for his quick connection to the team and displaying great teamwork.  

U8 Goannas

For Round 2, the U8 Goanna’s faced off against Mitchelton Victory for their 1st home game of the season. We welcomed our newest teammate, Johntel, and with a couple of players away, we enlisted the help of Jahlee, Henry & Ethan from the U8 Geckos. Thanks, lads!

The team played a terrific game, again demonstrating great teamwork and spirit, but the win went to the Victory 4-0. Coach Joe did a brilliant job leading the lads and learned much about the team’s strengths and opportunities. 

U9 Wasps

The U9 Wasps have had a challenging start to the season, having not trained together before their first game.

The 2nd round match against Mitchelton FC U9 Victory was no different as they immediately applied pressure from the kick-off. Despite strong defensive efforts from Liam F and a critical save by Sergio, the Wasps struggled to maintain structure and momentum. Mitchelton FC capitalized on this, leading to a 4-0 score at halftime.

In the second half, Alex took over as goalkeeper, bolstering the defense with his fearless approach, limiting Mitchelton FC scoring opportunities. The Wasps then began to find their rhythm, with a good counterattack resulting in a corner, with a quick setup from Lenny with Bill scoring his first goal. Mitchelton regained the advantage with another two goals before Lenny added another goal with a powerful kick. Despite continued pressure and skilful play from Mitchelton FC, the Wasps were unable to find any more goal scoring opportunities.  

The match ended with a 6-2 victory for Mitchie. Alex and Lenny were named Players of the Day for their outstanding contributions.

U10 Falcons

A great win for the Falcons on Saturday. Lots of early pressure with a good passing game saw the first 15 minutes scoreless before Ellis broke through with the first goal. A solid clean sheet for Woody in goal for the first half with great defensive work from the backs and we led 2-0 at half time.

The mid-field were solid in feeding the forwards and covering in defence as Ellis (having the game of his life) notched another to make it a hat-trick.

The pressure came from UQ next as they had a few shots on goal with a couple of great saves from Declan, just letting one slip to make it 3-1.

Late in the game, there was another Ellis goal to make it 4-1 and seal the win. A solid performance from the whole team who worked hard in attack and defence to the last minute. Well done Falcons!

U10 Vultures

The Vultures had a challenging match against Moggill FC Jets at Bellbowrie, ultimately going down 2-8.

It was a tough game that tested the limits of the boys endurance, with no subs and one player injured. The team displayed determination and sportsmanship under tough conditions.

The first half was a tight affair with the team creating several scoring opportunities. Thanks to their relentless effort, we were close to leading at halftime. Ben did a great job in goal in the first half, only letting one goal in. Harry and James had some close attempts on goal early in the game.

Samuel, in only his second match, demonstrated significant improvement, with crucial tackles and defensive plays that prevented potential goals.

Great to see Owen stepping up and having his first turn as goalie in the second half. Leo, Jasper and Owen got the Player of the Day awards for their great sportsmanship and tireless work on the field.

Despite the tough conditions and result, the match was a testament to the character and heart of our team. Well done Vultures!

U11 Brumbies

The Brumbies travelled out to Moggill for this week’s Round 2 match. It was a huge defensive effort from the girls and they managed to hold a well drilled side out for long periods but ultimately went down by a big score to Nil. We weren’t without our chances on the counter. 

Hannah picked up a Player of the Day Award for her awareness in goal, some great saves and generally communicating to the defenders on who needed marking. Emily also picked up a Player of the Day Award for a heroic effort defending and keeping running despite the scoreline right to the end. 

U11 Coyotes

The Coyotes started strong in the first half, against Toowong Gold this Saturday in Round 2. The team were very keen to play, and played hard, all game. It was great to see them enjoying the new field!

Due to players away and unwell we had only 9 players available today – thank you to Woody and Ellis from the U10 Falcons who played a full game in the earlier fixture. Ellis also played a full game for the Coyotes! 

The 1st goal of the game was scored by Westside from a beautiful kick by Simeon. The offensive play kept the ball away from Jaydn in our goal for most of the first half, going into the break with a 1-nil lead.

The 2nd half kept Alex C very busy as goalie and he made fantastic attempts to block the high kicks that saw Toowong take the lead.

Ellis scored a fantastic goal bringing the score back to even. Unfortunately, the Toowong team managed to get a few more goals throughout the second half. Ellis giving us one more goal just as the full-time whistle blew. 

Full time Westside 3 – Toowong 7

The boys put in a fabulous effort and played together beautifully with fantastic plays up the field and great defensive skills.

A huge thank you to Coach Chris who ran training and coached the boys on the day while Coach Dave was away.

U11 Dingoes

The U11 Dingoes squared off against Grange Thistle U11 Peebles in their first home game of the season. The new fields were looking fresh and the sun was shining brightly for the mid-afternoon match. The Dingoes did not have a Grange team in their draw last season, so were unsure how the match would go. Usual warm up was followed by some words of encouragement from Coach Stephen, who was assisted this week by Toby’s Dad, Dave.

From kick off, it was apparent that the teams were very evenly matched, however the Dingoes seemed more tentative than usual, and a bit less willing to run to the ball. Much of the game was played in the midfield which is a disadvantage for the Dingoes, as Harlem and Diego didn’t get many opportunities to move the ball at their typical quick pace. There were a few shots on goal from both teams, ably saved by the keepers, with Ben making a great play right out of the box to clear the ball past halfway. At halftime the score remained 0-0.

Halftime advice from Stephen was to play the ball down the line instead of getting stuck in the midfield, and Stephen reiterated the advice from Jo at training to look for an open player when you have two players attacking you. It was obvious in the 2nd half that the late start and warm weather was taking a toll on the Dingoes and throughout the 2nd half, Grange looked to be the stronger side with plenty of scoring chances. However, Toby was everywhere and constantly harassing the ball away from them. Noah and Daniel were solid and tenacious in defence and Joel made the play of the day in the last minute, with a brilliant tackle in a 1v1 with a Grange player who looked certain to score. The final score was a 0-0 draw.

There was a lot to learn from today’s match, in particular using space better and stopping the ball from getting stuck in the midfield. Player of the Day Awards went to Joel, for his spectacular pace and brilliant tackle in the dying minutes, and Toby for being everywhere he needed to be and not giving up!

U12 Blazers

The U12 Blazers kicked off their 2024 season against Bardon with a home game after having a Bye in Round 1.

It was a slow start for the Blazers, facing an early setback with Bardon taking the lead with some early goals. Despite the challenge, Blair showcased skills in goals and Ema scored the team’s first goal of the season, injecting a surge of energy into the game. Although trailing 6-1 at the end of half time, Amy’s goal in the second half kept the Blazers fighting and further fuelled the team’s determination.

It was a commendable effort from the team, especially considering it was their first time playing together. Although the final score favoured Bardon 10-2, the Blazer’s collective effort and perseverance showcased their potential and set a promising tone for the season ahead.

With their debut now behind them, the Blazers are poised to bounce back stronger in the games ahead. Player of the Day awards went to Blair for her efforts as keeper, and Ema for her non-stop determination through-out the whole game!

U12 Warriors

Even before kick-off today there was excitement aplenty, and it only continued when the whistle went at 12:30 to start the game against The Gap U12’s. Add to this the 1st home game of the season, on the new turf, but in the familiar red that the Warriors have been used to, and the foundations are laid for a great 90 (50) minutes.

The opening exchanges suggested it was going to be a close game with much of the play happening on the wings where Charlie and Remi showed they were on the ball with some quick throw-ins “down the line”. Eddie the midfield-maestro and left-back Jack seemed to have picked up where they left off last season with solid performances in their comfort zone positions. Although the game was close, competitive and completely captivating, it has to be said that the Warriors had more of the ball and more chances; and it was Eli who was rewarded for his persistence with the opening goal just after 20 minutes.

Benson must’ve been pretty bored in goal in the 1st half, particularly with Connor and Sam keeping the back line tight, but Benson returned the favour in the 2nd half when temp coach English Jon swapped him and Connor around. The Gap scored but were never really a threat and halfway into the 2nd half, Charlie initiated a move from the centre line that saw him run through and put away a beautiful looking shot into the back of the net.

Last week’s goal hero had a lot of the ball in the away teams’ box, but Dash just couldn’t find the hole in the Gap’s defence this week. The 3rd goal from our boys saw a tremendously placed and smart through ball from James that found Lennon who tucked it away like he’d been scoring goals for 20 years. The icing on the cake came in the closing seconds when Eddie snuck it over the line, and though there was hesitation from the ref as the keeper fumbled with it, Stevie Wonder would’ve seen that the full ball was over the line to finish the scoring, and the game at 4-1 to the Warriors.

During the warmest part of the day, it was an excellent effort from all of the boys today and I’m sure they would’ve been glad of the water at half time. Sam and Lennon stood out though and walked away with the Player of the Day bragging rights. Sadly coach Riku couldn’t make it, but the team were in good hands with Brett, their old coach from last year and club favourite English Jon who warmed the team up and kept them motivated – the parents appreciate it and I’m sure the boys do too. A great result, but more importantly a great game and a great team effort!

U15 Div 2 Girls

The day began bright and early as we gathered on Bribie Island for an 08:00 Sunday warmup session. During our video analysis on Monday night, we honed in on leveraging our midfield out wide to drive our attacks, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining our team’s shape in both offensive and defensive phases within our 4-4-2 formation.

Wednesday’s training session was dedicated to enhancing our defensive tactics, particularly focusing on jockeying and delaying – areas we’ve identified as needing improvement in recent weeks.

This week saw two players unavailable: Isla, who was on holiday, and KB, who was unwell.

The game kicked off with Bribie Island applying early pressure on our defence. Adjustments to our back four took a bit of time to settle, but with Kate’s solid goalkeeping, we managed to push out of our half and mount some attacks of our own.

Despite conceding two quick goals in the 12th and 15th minutes, Kate’s brave decision to charge out of the box and intercept a couple of played through balls showcased the determination and commitment of our team.

Despite the scoreline, our players remained resilient and proactive. We experimented with new strategies, and there were positive signs of progress, such as Tilly’s impressive run down the sideline followed by a well-placed cross into the box. Our offensive efforts continued across the field, with Ava’s midfield control leading to a notable shot on goal.

As the first half concluded with us trailing 3-0, our halftime discussion focused on refining our defensive tactics and improving the precision of our passing when pressing forward.

Bribie Island managed to add another goal in the 42nd minute due to a defensive lapse, but from that moment onward, our defensive resolve solidified. Our midfield stepped up, maintaining better control of the centre of the field, which allowed us to intercept and launch more frequent attacks.

Despite our persistent efforts, Bribie’s defence held firm, thwarting our goal-scoring attempts. Nevertheless, there were commendable performances from players like Asha, who demonstrated excellent ball control and created scoring opportunities with her runs down the right side. Yasmin came under heavy fire on the other side of the field prompting coach and parent involvement in the game.

Despite the final score of 4-0 in favour of Bribie Island, this match marked a significant improvement for us. We were unfortunate not to convert several promising chances into goals of our own.

Awards and Recognitions

Leadership: Amber exhibited exceptional field positioning, effort, and communication on and off the ball.

Ava demonstrated strong midfield presence and effective communication, particularly during transitions between attack and defense.

Effort: Lilly’s unwavering commitment and contribution to the team, despite facing challenging circumstances, were truly commendable.

Skills: Asha showcased impressive ball control and creativity, consistently creating scoring opportunities with her runs and crosses.

Additional Callouts:

Kate’s courageous goalkeeping efforts were instrumental in thwarting Bribie’s attacks. Ellary displayed strength and resilience in defence, particularly in the second half. Matilda’s versatility, including stepping in as goalkeeper during the second half, was invaluable to the team.

Overall, while the result may not have been in our favour, the determination and progress demonstrated by our team make this our most promising performance of the season so far.

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