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Juniors Round Up: 2024 Round 4

May 17, 2024

Around the Grounds

As part of Female Football Week in Round 4, we celebrated Mothers Day by getting our lovely Westside mum’s involved in team photos with our cheerful footballers!

There were plenty of goals and great results throughout the age groups over the weekend!

U6 Dolphins

U6 Sharks

We had a great home-game against Samford Rangers Phoenix.

The team had a tough game in the first half, with our great team work and calling for the ball, we got the ball moving in our attacking half and were passing really well. We ended up with a 4-3 win. 

Our players of the day were Cade for some great defence to clear the ball away from our goals, and Arthur for great running with the ball and looking for our team mates to pass.

Well done Sharkies..!!

U7 Lions

It was the U7 Lions first home game and our first game with the full team of 7 players. Go Lions!! 

The match started with the Lions defence strong, intercepting the Pine Hills Dolphins passes at every opportunity. Some of the team were even blocking the ball with their bodies. Once we got over some poorly timed substitutions by the Coach, we saw some great running with the ball. The team’s dribbling skills are coming into play after all the training they have been doing.

The second half saw more attacking from the Lions. Victor, Milo, Ethan and Xander all attempting to score goals. Bob showed some strategic thinking, communicating well with his team, Clara confidently joined in and Byron executed some well placed kicks.

Victor scored our only goal for the day and it was perfectly timed! It was a tightly contested game, with the final scores 1 – 2.

It was great to have parents and grandparents at the game again. The kids love hearing all the encouraging words and cheering from their number 1 supporters.

Player awards this week went to Xander for his footwork & Clara, who ran with the ball, following the play closely.

U8 Geckos

The Westside Geckos took on the Mitchelton Jets. Although they didn’t come away with the W, the team collectively adjusted their defence to become a fortress and demonstrated team spirit within the player group whilst on the pitch.

U8 Goannas

In a thrilling away fixture, the U8 Goannas showcased their prowess on the pitch, dominating Toowong Green with a resounding 5-1 triumph. From start to finish, the team demonstrated exceptional teamwork, strategic positioning, and unwavering determination, earning praise from fans and spectators alike.

Right from the kick-off, the Goannas displayed their defensive solidity, with each player holding their position with precision. Toowong Green found it challenging to break through the Goannas’ defensive line, thanks to the team’s astute organisation and disciplined performance.

The Goannas’ attacking flair came to the fore as the game progressed. Led by the dynamic duo of Toby and Felix, the team relentlessly pressed forward, putting immense pressure on the opposition’s defence. Toby showcased his scoring prowess with a remarkable hat-trick, while Felix added to the tally with a clinical finish, further asserting the Goannas’ dominance on the field.

In a stroke of fortune, an own goal from the opposition further widened the goal margin, cementing the Goannas’ lead and leaving Toowong Green scrambling to find a response.

However, it wasn’t just about the goal scorers on the day. The match also highlighted the exceptional performances of two standout players, Eckard and Johntel, who demonstrated remarkable skill, composure, and determination throughout the game. Their contributions were instrumental in securing the victory, earning them the well-deserved accolade of Players of the Match.

Moreover, amidst the cheers and excitement, the Goannas were buoyed by the unwavering support of their dedicated mums, who turned up to cheer on their young stars. Their presence and encouragement undoubtedly added to the team’s motivation and determination to succeed.

As the final whistle blew, signalling the end of a thrilling encounter, the U8 Goannas celebrated a well-deserved victory, showcasing their talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship on the field. With such an impressive performance, the Goannas have undoubtedly set the bar high for future fixtures, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next display of footballing excellence.

U8 Chameleons

This Week the U8 Chameleons played Mitchelton’s Madrid team.  The team put up a strong defensive effort throughout the whole game.  Yet the Chameleons struggled with connecting possession with goal scoring opportunities.  Overall, the Chameleons did a wonderful job stopping the momentum of the other team and prevented lots of forward movement.  There were many key saves by goalie Angelica in the first half, which led to a 0-0 score at half-time.   While the Chameleons continued to work hard at covering players and stopping forward movement and plays in the second half, team Madrid managed to gain 3 goals in the final 8 minutes of the game, which landed the final score 0-3.

Freya earned player of the match for her quick movements on the ball both defensively and offensively, being in the open space, and for using her power and speed to make moves.

Oliver earned player of the match for playing his position on the field, for his strong footwork when he had the ball, working to keep possession, and attacking efforts.

U9 Hornets

The U9 Hornets celebrated their first win of the season this week in Round 4! This also coincided with their first home game on the new fields. The little Hornets were beyond excited going to this week’s match. The Hornets have been working hard training twice per week with Coaches Brett and Matt. This week one of the focus areas in training was ‘feints’, and the boys were keen to demonstrate their new skills.

The opposition this round was Taringa Rovers U9 Kangaroos. The Taringa team had some exceptionally quick players and the Hornets found themselves needing to manage their energy levels. But as Coach Brett says “let the ball do the work!” The first opportunity to score came from a free kick to Henry. Despite the excellent wall created by Taringa, Henry managed to slip the ball past 6 players and the keeper to open the scoring! 1-0 to the Hornets!

There was lots of pressure on goal from Westside during the first half, in particular from Romeo and Salvi. Romeo’s persistence was paid off with his first goal of the season! Taringa continued to keep up the pressure with Pierre making several great saves. The score going into halftime was 2-1.

The second half continued in much the same way as the first, with many shots on goal from most of the team! There was excellent passing and general gameplay, with Harry showing off his amazing feint skills. Ned and James both had a number of strong attempts but fell short on the accuracy. Rowan had a shot at goal that was unlucky to miss as well.

The final score was 2-1 to the Hornets. They boys were rewarded with end of match jelly snakes, with Mason taking out the inaugural “Killer Python” award from Coach Brett, for having great instinct in his game play. Mason was also awarded man of the match, along with Henry, for his excellent defence.

U9 Bees

Week 4 and the Bees have really started to find their feet (wings?). The first half saw solid defence from Theo, Aureus, Adam and Austin, with Guénhaël barely tested in goal until the final minutes of the first half where he made a comfortable save after Moggill managed to finally penetrate the Bees’ defence to get a shot on target. Shortly after and down the other end of the pitch, Tommy came off the bench and before too long fired high into the back of the net for a cracker of a goal, with the Bees going 1-0 up into half-time.

After the break, the team continued in the same form. Despite the late morning sun packing a bit more heat than we were expecting for an autumn day, Parker was tearing holes through the Moggill defence making some awesome runs. By now, Moggill were challenging the Bees defence a bit more, with three shots on target in the second half. All three were beautifully saved by Aureus who was in goal in the second half. It was looking as though the game might end 1-0 until Oskar had a shot on target – although it was a great save by the Moggill keeper, Oskar got another chance moments later and scored on his second attempt.

The game finished with a 2-0 win to the Bees. Aureus’ fantastic efforts in goal were rewarded with the coach’s award for the week. Well done to Aureus, and the rest of the team, for a well-played win.

U10 Falcons

Wow. What a ride this match was. The boys were 3 down and looking a little frustrated as they had some great chances. The frustration didn’t stick as Harper scored his first goal of the season to give the team just the right little nudge.

Some very solid defence from Ned, Leo, Woody and Elis and some brilliant through play from Declan, Elijah, Patrick and Archie sent another our way. Woody ecstatic for his first goal of the season also.

Plenty of encouragement from each other to keep it going sent another in to make it 3 all!

Then a little fatigue set in (only 1 sub) and Mitchelton got a quick couple of goals right at the end. 5-3 to Mitchy but what a comeback from the mighty Falcons! 2 players of the match- Ned and Harper.

U10 Vultures

In an energetic display of football this weekend, Westside U10 Vultures played Mitchelton FC U10 Milan.

Despite the 0-7 score, the Vultures showcased resilience and team spirit, demonstrating the skills honed during their training sessions.

From the starting whistle, Westside FC’s defence was put to the test. Billy, Jackson, and Leo, who later received coaches’ awards, created a great defensive front with some effective passing and tackling.

Goalkeeper Ben denied Mitchelton FC several goals in the first game. His teammate Harry took over in goal in the second half. Harry, experiencing his first match as a goalkeeper, rose to the occasion, pulling off some crucial saves against a relentless Mitchelton offense.

On the offensive end, Jasper and Sam P made noteworthy contributions with dynamic runs, pushing forward and attempting to break through Mitchelton’s tight defence. Samuel, stationed at left back, displayed remarkable defensive skills, effectively keeping the ball clear from their goal area, while James’ robust tackles also helped.

Throughout the match, the entire team displayed a great effort in marking, defending, and passing—the skills they have been focusing on in training. Despite facing a tough opponent and a tough scoreline, the Vultures’ spirit remained unbroken.

It was great to see so many mums on the sidelines this week, coinciding with Women’s Football Week and Mother’s Day.

U11 Dingoes

This week the u11 Dingoes were away against local rivals Mitchelton, specifically the u11 Phoenix. The Dingoes had an exceptionally positive attitude going into the game against the Phoenix, after their 5-2 win against Grange last week.

The Dingoes were the dominant team from the outset, with Toby having an attempt on goal within the first few minutes, after a long pass from Harlem. He was unlucky to miss, but his attempt was followed up swiftly with a shot at goal from Daniel a few minutes later. Joel did the same soon after– seems like the Dingoes need to work on their goal accuracy in training!

Mitchelton had a burst of energy around the 10th minute with GK Ben needing to make a big save, which he did without too much trouble. The Dingoes soon had the ball back in their half, with the first goal of the match going to Vinny! This was followed by a goal from Toby. Mitchelton soon came back with a goal of their own going into half time.

After the oranges break at halftime Daniel had another very strong strike at goal from distance which seems to be his MO, even from his usual CB position! It was saved very well by the Mitchelton keeper, who really did an excellent job all match. Diego was involved in lots of plays with many shots on goal. Harlem showed off his fancy footwork, keeping Mitchelton literally on their toes and he was rewarded with a goal of his own. Goals from Joel and Diego followed before the end of the match. Xavier did a great job of getting the ball out of tight spots in the CM position during the second half. He has been a fantastic addition to the team this year. Noah and Joel kept up the robust defence and the ball rarely looked like it was going to need to be saved by Ben.

The final score was 5-1 to the Dingoes. They are continuing their strong unbeaten run going into Round 5. There are definitely things to improve on each week, in particular accuracy with passing and shots on goal. It is fantastic to see all players having a crack at scoring; maybe we’ll even see a goal from GK Ben this season!!

Players of the match went to Daniel, for doing his job well and Harlem for his fancy footwork.

U12 Blazers

In a thrilling match that kicked off at 1:10 on Saturday afternoon, the U12 Blazers faced off against Pine Hills in a battle of skill and determination. While the final score may not have favoured the Blazers, the game was a testament to their skill, abilities and unwavering teamwork.

The match began with Pine Hills launching three early attempts at goal, all of which were expertly saved by our resilient goalkeeper, Lucy. However, the Blazers quickly showcased their own prowess with some amazing plays. A highlight included a powerful kick from Lily down to Piper which was quickly following by a passing sequence between Ruby, Ema and Chloe that gave the Blazers two close attempts at a goal. A handball by the Blazers led to a penalty for Pine Hills, but our defence stood strong, denying them the opportunity to score a goal. Chloe then led the charge with two promising attempts at goal, while Freya, Scarlett, and Tabitha showcased outstanding skills in defence.

One standout moment came from a brilliant play initiated by Lucy’s goal kick which led to a passing sequence involving Lily, Amy, Ema and Sophie, culminating in a shot at goal. Although the shot didn’t find the back of the net, it exemplified the Blazer’s exceptional skill and teamwork. Unfortunately for the Blazers, Pine Hills managed to sneak in a goal, giving them a 1-0 lead at halftime.

The second half saw continued determination and teamwork from the Blazers with more passing sequences between Tabitha, Lucy, Chloe and Freya giving them an early attempt at goal. Solid defensive efforts from Ruby and Sophie throughout the second half combined with Lily’s brilliant saves ensured the opposition didn’t increase their lead. Amy showcased her skills, pushing in search of a goal, while Sara’s incredible footwork was on display, booting the ball down the field a number of times throughout the game.

Despite the Blazers best efforts, Pine Hills maintained their lead, scoring two more goals to secure the win. The Blazers may have faced defeat on the scoreboard; however, their skills and teamwork were undeniable winners. The game showcased some incredible play from all the girls, with Lily and Ruby being awarded player awards for their performances in positions they didn’t initially prefer.

As the Blazers regroup and prepare for their next challenge, they do so with heads held high, proud of their performance and ready to build on their successes. Player of the day awards went to Lily and Ruby for their outstanding efforts in playing positions they don’t usually play.

U12 Warriors

The U12 Westside Warriors were away to Moggill this morning which meant a lengthy road trip that doesn’t always make for the best pre-match preparation. 

Sadly, poor Sam succumbed to what may have been something akin to motion sickness and the normally reliable right back was stretchered off early in the 1st half.

Before that though, on field 6 and under the direct glare of an unusually warm autumn sun, our travelling team were off to a tremendous start and were unfortunate to not have one in the net in the 1st 30 seconds – only denied by the quick reactions of the shocked looking home team. Rather than being disappointed, I think the Warriors smelled blood and read the early ‘opporchancity’ as their cue to attack at will.  And that they did. 

While Moggill won the 1st corner of the match, 70-80% of the play was in the home teams territory and our boys were taking shots from anywhere they caught a glimpse of the goal posts.  Maybe it was the strategic council from the young coach Riku, but even Left Back Jack had a number of attempts at glory.

Rhys joined the fracas in the midfield when switched for Benson, but with Sam in the sick bay – and Bomber Benson back on the dance floor, it meant there were no more subs.  Benson’s impact was significant and he set up Lennon’s 1st from the middle of the park late in the 1st half.

Dash was also proving a handful for Knights defence, but despite the intense fire at the oppositions goal, the Moggill keeper was playing a blinder and kept the score at minus 2 for his team after Lennon grabbed another right on half time.

With the 1st 25 minutes done and dusted, an early analysis might show a team playing with conviction, confidence and more comfortingly, camaraderie.  There were great passes, tight marking and cover when a team mate found himself out of position.  In particular Remy and Connor made some great off the ball moves to find space and make opportunities more easily available.

With the teams switched 180* and Charlie out / Connor in, much of our attacking play came from the middle and made its way down the right.  That being said I felt Jack made some great offensive strides with distributions to Remy and Dash while also defending doggedly on the left.  Rhys held the middle well and was up and down providing support where it was needed.

Eamon and Connor teamed up tremendously at the back, but poor Connor never had much to do when he was between the sticks in the 2nd half.

The bro pair / Branjolina of the day however were undoubtedly Chanon, who seemed to be communicating on their own frequency with Charlie charging through the defenders to feed Lennon with some precision passes that enabled the goal scoring machine to net another 3 and another man-of-the-match. It was football at its finest and a fabulous thing to witness.

As the game – and a 5-0 win – was coming to an end, it looked like some of the boys were feeling the effects of not having a sub, and wither instinctively or by decision, one might guess that the boys with a bit more in the tank took up the slack. The subtle observation being that these boys that we’re so proud of, appear to be looking out for each other in a way that is beyond their young years.

Another wonderful win for the Warriors!

U13 Div 2

As most of you know, in the lead up to this game the prior week’s weather was terrible. Only a handful of the boys were able to get some training in on Friday afternoon, but we did take the opportunity to review the Veo footage from the game against Grange on Thursday night. It really is invaluable, we talked through the highlights and lowlights, the main focus areas of improvement identified as defensive cover, corner kicks in general (attacking) and composure in front of goal.

It was Mother’s Day and the boys kicked off at 12noon, so a big thank you to all the Mum’s who came along and supported the boys. Following on from a great win last week for our first home game of the season, we were back on the road playing at North Star FC. There had been some rain prior to kick off and it appears the pitches had a soaking the night before, so playing conditions were heavy. Fortunately, during the match it remained dry. We were expecting a much tougher game this week, as in the previous match Grange were only able to field 8 players due to injuries.

Pre-match we went through a change in formation to 4 – 3 – 1, it was intended to train this formation but due to the weather it wasn’t possible. The 4 – 3 – 1 essentially allows for 2 wing backs, 2 centre backs, 1 central defensive midfielder, 2 central attacking midfielders and 1 striker. It’s a great transition formation to 11 v 11, where 2 players can be dropped into the attacking wide areas to become a 4 – 3 – 3. As well as this the intention behind it was to provide more defensive cover in the middle of the park with the 2 CBs and CDM, as well as having an attacking threat in front of goal with the striker and 2 CAMs. However, it does demand a lot from the wing backs who have to cover the entire length of the pitch, defending and building from the back as well as assisting in attack from wide areas.  Admittedly this was a bit of gamble.

It was a pretty even start to the game, but unfortunately North Star managed to land an early goal with a quick transition and great through ball to their striker. The boys have been doing very well at keeping their heads so far this season, there has only been one incident observed so far this season where they dropped off mentally, somewhat understandable following a bad decision where the ball was kicked out of the keepers’ hands for a goal at Newmarket. Today they showed great character, with Theo netting his second goal of the season in back-to-back games to level the score after 5 minutes. Theo had a really good game in general, excellent ball control, passing in tight spaces and winning the ball back high up the pitch.

For the balance of the first-half we were pretty dominant, with most of the possession and certainly the more creative attacking play, they only really had counter attacking opportunities. Eli slotted a great left-footed strike into the bottom corner, making up for his disappointment last week by hitting the post from a similar position with his left. Eli is continuing his great form and consistency from last season, scoring in every game so far this season.

The wide players, Jett and Flynn were having a good game, Flynn and Sam in particular linking up well when building the attack. It’s basically a guarantee that Flynn will win 1v1s on the wing when he’s got momentum, and he is consistently winning the ball back when we’re out of possession. Finn was outperforming in terms of dribbling and creating scoring opportunities, just the final finish let him down on occasion, something that will come in the next few weeks for sure. In general, we had lots of shots from outside the penalty area, but we weren’t troubling their goalkeeper enough.

We managed to get a third goal, which was a deflected own goal following a bit of chaos attacking in the penalty area. Although we were looking pretty comfortable, they were still dangerous on the counterattack and North Star managed to sneak another goal just before half-time. Half-time 3 – 2 up.

During half-time we went over the positioning again of the 4 – 3 – 1 formation, the boys when prompted knew they were vulnerable on counter attacks. The importance of remaining compact and covering the central areas in transition was reiterated. Their goalkeeper was either drop kicking the ball or going long from goal kicks, in general they just had bodies behind the ball during our attacks and were looking to catch us on the break.

The North Star coach had obviously set his boys with a clear plan for the second half, they put two strikers on the outside of our centre backs to attempt to pull them out wider and leave space for long balls through the middle for them to run onto. To be honest it worked. Generally, we were much the better side, again dominating possession and creating lots of opportunities. But they put lots of bodies behind the ball, with North Star with minimal midfield presence most of the time. North Star scored early in the second half to level up the scoreline. The boys pressed hard. We had a lot of corner kicks, and the deliveries were good, it just wouldn’t go in. This week we hit the bar twice and it took another wonder strike from outside the box from Eli to put us back in front.

As the game progressed, the atmosphere grew around the grounds, it was clear that we needed that decisive 2 goal cushion. There was a period of 15 mins after Eli’s goal where we were on top, but unfortunately North Star scored with 10 minutes to go. The boys fought valiantly until the end and went for the win, in the dying seconds we had one last corner which went across the face of the goal. Again, unfortunately we couldn’t get it over the line.

In general, it was a solid performance. Eli took a nasty knock in the second half and came back on after a short break and having walked it off. There was some awesome build up play, at multiple points executing really clean 1 and 2 touch passes. Great to see this developing in the boys, we have been focusing on speed of play in training and slowly but surely it is creeping into games more and more. James and the defense were thrown into the deep end with the changes, the defenders did well 1 v 1, it was more an issue of cover and shape that left us exposed. Something we’ll work on in training. Thanks to Jack who went in goal for the first half even though he was recovering from illness.

Player of the Day awards went to Flynn and Theo for their excellent work wide and centrally. The next 2 games are at home, so we’re looking forward to that! Onwards and upwards.

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