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Juniors Round Up: 2024 Round 9

July 11, 2024

Around the Grounds

In Round 9 our Junior teams were pushing for some good efforts on the pitch and working hard to win games before heading into the 3-week break for the school holidays. The Coaches are all extremely happy with the efforts being put in by the kids on game day and we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable break!

U7 Lions

It was a later start for the Lions out at Pine Hills against the Eagles. The Lions started strong, getting control of the ball early and Victor scoring the first goal of the game.

The Eagles quickly responded, but the Lions kept going with their defensive style. It was a physical game but that didn’t stop the Lions.

At half time we reminded each other about our training and some special comments from their supporters on how they can get out of the defensive play by, getting in front to move the ball down the field. And it worked!

In the second half we saw more attacking from the Lions. Bob continually moved the ball forward. Milo and Byron were watching the play from the sidelines so when they got on the field, they were looking for opportunities. Victor moved the ball beautifully and Xander showed us his fancy footwork again.

Clara, Ethan Xander, Victor and Milo all taking hits from the ball or landing hard, but they all showed resilience and bounced back.

We had lots of direct kicks with clean passes and teamwork. Clara and Ethan just kept trying. Exactly what we want to see.

Player of the Day awards this week went to Bob and Victor.

U8 Goannas

In a challenging encounter against Mitchelton Victory, the U8 Goannas displayed great determination despite the final scoreline of 7-0. The game proved to be a valuable learning experience for our lads.

Mitchelton demonstrated their offensive prowess from the opening whistle, quickly putting pressure on the Goannas’ defence. Despite their best efforts, our defenders and goalkeeper faced relentless attacks.

One highlight was the unwavering effort of our players, who continued to push forward and defend bravely even as the goals accumulated. Their perseverance to play hard until the final whistle was truly commendable.

This match against Mitchelton Victory highlighted areas for improvement and gave the Goannas an understanding of the level of play they aspire to reach. The team will return to training with renewed focus, eager to build on this experience and enhance their skills.

Big thanks to Coach Schalk for stepping up on the day; you did an amazing job! Our friend Jahlee helped us again, who played a terrific game, as did all the players! The Player of the Day Awards went to Jahlee, Lachie H, and Felix.

Go Goannas!

U8 Chameleons

The Chameleons played an awesome game against Bardon’s Alligators.  They are working to have a greater awareness of the field and positionally where they should be.  The game was a bit of a nail-biter as the Alligators had many shots on goal.  It was a good thing we had Freya and Lulu defending the net!  The players on the field worked well to find open space, mark players as needed, and make connecting passes.  The game was well fought!  In the first half, Bardon got an early goal, but Isabella connected with the back of the net just before half-time.  In the second half, Bardon got another goal.  While the Chameleons never got their equalizer, with the game ending in a 1-2 score, they ought to be proud of how they played together as a team. They continued to use their passion and effort to fight for each ball, but also allowed each player on their team to have their moment.  There has been significant growth for the individuals as well as their teamwork.  Well done!

The players of the Day this week went to:

Eva for her willingness to learn and grow in her soccer skills, for her movement of the ball and making connecting passes, and for her movement off the ball to create space.

Oliver for his lengthening of the field as he was ready to receive any ball up the field, for his willingness to hustle back on defence, and for seeing the space on the field and being in the right position for a pass. 

U12 Blazers

The Blazers faced a tough challenge in their latest match against Bardon with the opposition seizing the advantage with an early goal. However, the Blazers showcased their teamwork and responded with a notable sequence of passes between Ema, Lucy, Freya and Ruby setting up a promising attack.

Goalkeeper Blair made numerous saves to keep the Blazers in the game while Chloe’s never-give-up attitude was on display as she threatened with her own goal attempts, keeping the pressure on Bardon.

The second half saw the Blazers continue to press forward, creating several opportunities on goal. Goalkeeper Lucy also made a number of impressive saves keeping the team in contention. Sara made a remarkable run which culminated in a close shot on goal, highlighting the Blazers’ determination until the final whistle.

Player awards were earned by Tabitha for her tenacity on the field, Ema for her solid defensive contributions as centre-back, and Amy for her consistent effort throughout the match.

Despite the final score not reflecting their performance, this game marked the Blazers’ best display of the season so far.

U12 Warriors

A late start at home against the Mighty Moggill Knights meant that our Westside Warriors were afforded the extraordinary privilege of two of the clubs legends to keep them on point. While a permanent replacement is sourced for Coach Riku and the gap left by his early retirement, GOAT Greg and English Jon very kindly gave up their time and generously offered some of their expertise to help the U12s bring home the bacon this week.

The teams kicked off at 3.30 and were evenly matched as the match warmed up (and the temperature cooled down). 

Like we’ve seen in recent weeks, Benson started off in the nets. He was heard to be 2nd guessing his own throwing powers as his team mates shouted for the ball when he had it in his hands, but there was no lack of power with his almighty goal kicks!

I believe (but am not certain) that it’s the strategy of Football Australia to move the kids around in their early years – presumably to keep them interested and at the same time providing the opportunity to experience every position on the field.  I’m also not certain when this “stops”, but I can already see (well blind Freddy could see IMHO) at least two players that surely have found their calling no matter how many other positions they try.  One of them is a 3rd of the trio we had at the back today, and that I’m going to labour on this week.  Super Sam on the right, Grand Master McMullen in the middle and Left back Jack.  Honestly these 3 in defence must be the worst thing to happen to the forwards in our competition.  Sam was dogged in his defending duties again and Jack’s tackling and reading of the play was reminiscent of the great Sandy Jardine himself – so much so today that it earned him Player of the Day honours. But it’s the Grand Master commanding the centre half that for me looks like he was born to play that position. He’s a natural and I love watching him there.

I’ll talk about the other twonext week, but coming back to the here and now and the end to end game that was keeping the fans entertained. It was Lennon that was chopped down in the penalty box by a Vinnie Jones special, then awarded a shot from the spot. Though it wasn’t our goal scoring legends day and the Knights keeper made a good save from Lennon’s effort. We didn’t have long to wait though for the other half of Chanon to skin one of Moggill’s defenders and rocket it into the net to make it 1-0 to the Warriors on 20 minutes.

Meanwhile Connor was making strides up and down the middle as he supported both ends, and the two Arr’s – Rhys and Remy – were revving up the right side with some close ball work and a few passes that exemplified a deeper understanding of the on field movements. The 2nd goal was proof of this when Rhys cut back a beautiful pass right into the path of our Midfield Maestro who side footed it with effortless precision past the keeper to put Eddie as no 2 on the score sheet.

The 2nd half was underway and the home team appeared to be dwindling like the afternoon setting sun. As the temperature dropped, so did the want to win of our Warriors and the inevitable happened when a thunderous shot from the edge of the box flew past Connor who’d stole the purple jersey from Benson at half time.

At the other end, Dash was making run after run despite only being rewarded with a good through ball around 50% of the time. It seemed though that he was a marked man as Moggill were quick to shut him down as soon as he found himself with the ball.

At 2-1, the goal against seemed to light a spark under the Warriors and they did indeed pick up the pace for the final 10 minutes.  Benson showed strength and determination in the middle with the odd surge fwd and offload to the wing and with 5 minutes to go Lennon lobbed the goalie with a lovely looping half volley that floated under the crossbar to see the match end 3-1 to Grovely.

Another great game and wonderful win for our boys.

The words of wisdom from the coaching staff on Tuesday, before the game and at half time are evidently sinking in. It was also noted in the post match pep talk by those much more qualified than I, that what we’ve been seeing and saying all season is that we have a team of capable boys, who, with time, training and good leadership will be a bloody good better team.

Thanks again (I’m sure I can say on behalf of the boys and other parents) to Greg and Jon for their time and expertise.

See you on the sideline.

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