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Juniors Round Up: Round 11

July 30, 2021

Around the Grounds

The weather was perfect for Round 11 games and our Westside teams played some very competitive matches over the course of the morning. There were some good wins both at home and away with our U9 Wallabies and Wolves playing a hard-fought derby match!

U6 Chameleons

The Chameleons played a brilliant home game against Mitchie U6 Brighton. Coach Brent also morphed into Referee Brent sharing refereeing duties with the Mitchie coach. The atmosphere was so tense that we forgot to take photos! Proud of our little team for not giving up and playing with all their might, enabling us to enjoy the win!

U6 Iguanas

The team played well on the weekend. We had a lot of shots on goals and some excellent teamwork with great passing to make opportunities.

In the first half, we played well & got 2 early goals in. We had some great saves to keep the ball in play which turned into a chance to run the ball down the field. The team had a lot of fun and were keen to chase the ball and work together.

We had more shots at goals in the second half and ended up getting ahead 6-2 against Mitchelton.

With his slide saves to keep the ball in, passing and helping his team, and scoring 2 goals, our Player of the Week award went to Okinda –  Excellent work Okinda!

U7 Bees

With only 4 players to our team this week, it was an exhausting match against MFC’s U7 Juventus. The Bees did really well to hold their own without any breaks and played as a team, supporting each other with some great passing and positioning. We scored several goals and almost got another one if the goal hadn’t blown away right at the crucial moment!

Player of the Week went to Spencer who did a LOT of running throughout the game and despite several tough tackles where he got hurt, he kept on coming back onto the pitch to support the team.

U7 Hornets

Injury has struck the Hornets team again – this time with Edgar unfortunately breaking his arm and this will see him out of action for a few weeks. This has not perturbed his enthusiasm, still showing up to training and game day to support our team. What great team spirit!

Ned, Patrick, Cooper and Archie all rose to challenge of playing the entire game with no substitutes at the weekend. While the boys went down in a very close game against an undefeated Mitchie team, the Mitchie coach was very complementary of how the boys played and was impressed with their skill level – as we all are!

Archie was awarded the Player of the Week with a fantastic goal in the dying seconds of the game.

U7 Wasps

What an awesome game vs Mitchelton. The Wasps all gave 100% and scored 2 goals which almost achieved another win but the opponent caught up with the match ending in a draw.

Player of the Week was awarded to Fletcher who came back on the field despite a sore leg!

U8 Brumbies

Saturday saw the mighty Brumbies host Pine Rivers Gunners. Last time the two teams met it was in torrential rain so it was nice to see clear skies this time. The game was mostly played in the mid field with neither side really getting on top.

Max has been working on his positioning and it showed up front and generally everyone got stuck in and worked hard.  Quinn did a great job in goals in the first half coming within mere seconds of keeping a clean sheet but going to drinks 0-1 down. Young Patty made a typically spectacular save in the second half to keep us in the match, but they got another late one and we sadly didn’t trouble the scorers this week.

Ruby picked up a very deserved Player of the Week award for getting stuck in every time the ball came near her and starting off a few promising moves.  But the team were smashing in goals for fun at training, so watch out whoever is next!

U8 Dingoes

Round 10 catchup – The Dingoes were pumped and ready to go for the season to kick off again after the break and we had a highly anticipated home game with Albany Creek AC Milan. After a great start taking the early lead and going into the half time with the scores tied 1-1, AC were able to overcome us in the second half and came away 4-1 victors. Great to have Patty from the U7s join us and be a Dingo for a day and he played a great game. Connor took out the Player of the Week Award with a solid game.

Round 11 saw the Dingoes back to our winning ways with a convincing 16-0 victory over Samford Rangers in a game where Brooky and Zachie bagged 7 goals each and Jaxon punching in a couple of goals himself. Will and Leo keeping the clean sheet and Wilbur walking away with the Player of the Week voucher from Red Rooster. Great to have footy back and our thoughts and prayers go out to Mitchelton FC and the families involved. Stay safe everyone!


U10 Kookaburras

The Kookaburras came out of the blocks firing this week against the Pine Hills Ravens. The boys stuck to the game plan and played their hearts out. They kept the scores tied in the first half with two great goals from Theo and Sam.P.

Unfortunately, without any subs this week, it was hard to maintain the energy levels. The second half was tough, especially against a team with several extra players and Pine Hills managed to pull ahead for the win.

Liam.N was our Player of the Week, returning from injury with enthusiasm, he provided rock solid defence and consistently attacked the ball when we needed it. Our Kookaburra Award went to Ryan for his determination in attack and looking out for his teammates with space.


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