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Juniors Round Up: Round 12

August 8, 2021

Around the Grounds

Round 12 brought out the best of the Brisbane Winter weather with a nice warm morning for our games. There were some great games around the grounds including some fantastic wins for some of our teams. A big shout out to both the U10 Kookaburras and U11 Wanderers for recording their first wins of the season – all Players and Coaches were excited with the wins! Lets keep the great work going!

U6 Chameleons

The Chameleon’s played at Mitchie FC over the weekend. MFC honoured the tragic passing of Andy Jones before the game and it was lovely to see everyone coming together.

Both teams played a great game and we came away with a win. It was great to see Lyndon, Jackson and Lleyton defending and good to see Teddy and Evelyne getting in and working hard for the ball and getting in some great touches. Lleyton got the Player of the Week award.

Our thoughts are with the Jones’ family and the greater MFC community. Vale Andy Jones.

U7 Bees

The Bees got off to a slow start against fellow Westside Scorpions, taking a bit of time to find their feet, spread out and work their passing. The second half was very different to the first – go the half time fruit break! – with the Bees much more energised and working better as a team.

We got to see some excellent passing, some great saves, and some exciting goals from both teams. Player of the Week went to Eddie for running around everywhere to find space, for his big tackles and great kick throughs supporting the team in getting the goals.

U7 Hornets

The Hornets enjoyed a competitive game against the Westside Wasps with goals shared around amongst the team. Edgar came out to support his team mates and offered some great advice at half time. Archie is continually improving every week, getting more confident with the ball at his feet. Ned & Cooper were solid as usual, passing to team mates and defending when required. Patrick received the Player of the Week award – displaying some nice skills out on the pitch.


U7 Scorpions

Last week saw us play our fellow Westside team the ‘Bees’ who we train next to. The boys really got into the game this week and there was great passing and making space on the field. We had some huge kicks which will be great once we play on a bigger field.

Goals were scored by Max and Ellis and then Beau with a hat trick…Super effort!!! Player of the Week awards went to Max and Will for great attacking and passing. They will miss playing this weekend but we hope everyone is staying safe in lockdown, and maybe learning some new tricks they can show their teammates once we are back.

U8 Dingoes

Round 11 saw the Dingoes back out at Samford hoping to repeat their achievements at the ground from last week and after playing a super game, saw them achieve just that. The quick early goals in our games seems to set the pace recently and we walked away as 11-1 victors.

Another impressive team display with the boys really getting into their passing and field positioning allowing them to spread the ball and stretch the field out effectively. Player of the Week went to Leo for his incredible defending at the back, giving the team the confidence to drive forwards and press up field.

And another Player of the Week award went to Brooklyn for the glutton of goals over the past two games and setting up a few as well as he continues to bamboozle everyone and opposition defences with his quick feet and “Messi” like runs. Special mention to Jaxon for bagging his 3rd goal in the last 2 games. Keep it up Dingoes and hope everyone is staying safe and positive whilst in Lock Down!

U8 Brumbies

U10 Kookaburras

VICTORY! The Kookaburras secured their first win of the season scoring 5 goals against the Samford Mariners at home. Coach Paul threw together words of encouragement for each of our players:

Liam N – what amazing defensive pressure he put on.  Every time he went at the ball it was with great effort and he worked hard at shutting the ball down, every time.

Liam S – great focus on the hard work as a midfielder.  Defensive efforts were strong, support in attack was spot on.

Theo – Hat Trick hero!  While he did knock three past the keeper, the highlight for me was his clever passing and great positioning on the field.

Oscar – great work rate.  Had the courage to take on the first defender and the sense not to take on the second.

Sam P – such great coordination in defence and was really clever about the times he went forward.  Passing game is strong!

Sam G – what incredible footwork from this guy.  The runs, the footwork, the PASSING!!!

Jack – worked tirelessly in attack and found space every time he passed the ball.  Also used the sideline really well.

Tom – single-handedly saved two, if not three goals with his defence.  Surprised nobody, amazes everybody.

Jonah – what a boot!!  Did precisely the job that was asked of him and used his skills really well.  Found space with his clearances consistently.

Ryan – holy moly what courage!  To keep putting his head over the ball the way he does leaves me speechless.  He also makes sensible decisions in goal.

Well done to our Kookaburras. Here’s hoping for more victories when we get back on the pitch!

U11 Warriors

U11 Warriors played a hot game against Bardon Thunder last Saturday. While there were moments of promise we didn’t manage to find the net and lost 5-0. This was an improved effort on the previous match against the Thunder. Rhys got the Player of the Week award for taking some great shots on goal and keeping the energy high.

In solidarity with Mitchie FC, both teams participated respectfully in a moment of silence prior to kick off.

In Memory of Andy Jones – MFC

Westside participated in pre-game ceremonies both at home and at Mitchelton FC to honour the memory of Mitchelton FC member Andy Jones. We thank everyone for being supportive and being a part of this.

We send our deepest sympathies to Andy’s family, friends and the Mitchelton FC community

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