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Juniors Round up: Round 13

September 2, 2021

Around the Grounds

It was nice to finally get back on the park after lockdowns for Round 13. Plenty of excitement from the kids saw some great results from our teams around the parks after blowing off the cob-webs in the first halves.

U6 Chameleons

The Chameleons played a brilliant game away at Mitchie. It was great to have everyone back together doing what we love. They played a brilliant game coming away with a 5-1 win. Teddy was our very well-deserved Player of the Week due to his boundless energy, support of his fellow players and….. THAT smile! Well done Teddy!!!

U6 Iguanas

We had a great home game on the weekend against Mitchelton. The team had some excellent passing which created space in the game to allow a lot of shots at goals.

We had more shots at goals in the second half and ended up getting ahead 7-2 against Mitchelton.

With his great passing and helping his team and scoring 2 goals, our Player of the Week went to Lachlan.

Keep up that great work Lachy..!!

U7 Bees

The Bees were excited to get back to their soccer after the lockdown time out. A very even match took place against fellow Westside team, the U7 Scorpions.

We got to enjoy some great teamwork with the players passing the ball around a lot more than at the start of the season, as well as some great goals (and several near misses).

Our players are getting more accomplished at positioning themselves on the pitch and spreading out, with some of the team keen to defend and others interested in looking to score the goals.

Player of the Week went to Ben for his concentration and focus on the game, defending our goal and supporting the team with some big kicks away from our end of the pitch.

U7 Hornets

The Hornets enjoyed being back on the field this week and had a convincing win against MFC Manchester at Mitchelton. There were goals a plenty shared around the team and a clean sheet with some great defensive efforts!

Player of the Week was shared between Patrick and Ned for both playing solid games with plenty of enthusiasm and teamwork.

U7 Wasps

The Wasps played Mitchelton Paris this weekend and we were on fire. Every single player gave everything and it was great to be back on the field.

The Player of the Week award went to Blake!

U8 Brumbies

The Brumbies hosted a strong Samford team this week in glorious conditions.  Samford started off strong with a goal in the first minute but despite having us pinned in our own end for most of the half were largely kept at bay by Landon’s acrobatic goal keeping. The second half saw them continue to pepper our goal and Lucy saved most of them with brilliant use of the hands.

The weeks not playing showed with the team work suffering, but there was individual brilliance on display across the park.  A tidy finish from an acute angle put Lucy on the scoreboard, and Scooter skinning their best player with ease, or Teddies resolute defending, but it was hard to ignore the length-of-the-field solo goal by Julian to earn the Player of the Week award.

The Brumbies can hold their heads high as we scored more and conceded less than last time we played this team.  Great job Brumbies!

U8 Dingoes

A super pumped Dingoes made the journey up to North Pine and everyone was glad to be back out playing footy. A solid first half saw us go into the break 1-0 up and we were able to build on that in the second half coming away 5-1 winners.

Some great goals were scored by Brooky and Connor to continue their hot streak in front of the goal, but most impressive was the counter-attack movement and passing that the Dingoes played and we scored the majority of our goals from passing the ball up and crossing the ball into dangerous areas.

Another solid display from our midfield trio of Magnus, Wilbur, and Jaxon and our rock at the back Leo was impassable. Player of the Week was shared between Zach – receiving a trip to Red Rooster for his passing and crosses, and for Will – our ever-reliable keeper, making some great saves and barking orders to his outfield players.

A great way to kick off the final run into the end of the season and great to be back as a Dingo pack!

U10 Kookaburras

Our U10 Kookaburras were excited to get back on the pitch this week and it showed. WOW what a game against the Ridge Hill Spurs! Last time the two teams met, our boys were outnumbered and outgunned and copped a bit of a hiding to be honest. But this time it was a very different story.

The Kookaburras kept the Spurs on the back foot for a lot of the game thanks to some impressive passing and coordinating their attack on goal. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold off the Spurs who had a few more in reserve and were stronger on the day to win by 4 goals. Ryan earned Player of the week, showing his bravery in goal for the first half then backing it up with some excellent defence out in the field for the second half. Sam G earned the Kookaburra Award this week, he showed off his dazzling footwork to secure two of our four goals. Well done boys!

U11 Warriors

The Warriors played a super game against Bardon Bullets on Saturday at Bardon Latrobe FC and taking the field in our green away kits.

Despite 3 goals, 2 cracking shots from Savash, and a perfectly executed corner between Rhys and Seb, the Warriors went down 5-3. They were deservedly proud of their effort, nonetheless. Everybody contributed on the pitch but the Player of the Week award went to Abhi for his relentless work along the sideline.

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