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Juniors Round Up: Round 4

May 22, 2021

Around the Grounds

Round 4 saw further improvements for all our teams with Coaches praising the efforts being put in by all the kids. Some outstanding performances were put together with some strong wins by a number of teams.


U6 Chameleons

The U6 Chameleons enjoyed a win at Mitchie over the weekend. They all played well together as a team and were really supportive of each other which was lovely to see. Evelyne was award Player of the Week after dazzling everyone with some very swift new moves.

1505_U6 Chameleons_1
1505_U6 Chameleons_2

U6 Iguanas

The Iguanas had a great game last Saturday. The team had some great team work with a lot of passing, breaks through the defending line, defending our goals & of course striking.

We had a final score of 12-2, but most importantly the team had lots of fun with the Player of the Week award going to Okinda.


In Round 3, the Iguanas had a good game as the team has started to look for their team mates, great to see their skills coming together, passing to their team mates and making breaks past the defenders.

As a result of them chasing the ball we had a win against Mitchy 13-1 with Levi being awarded Player of the Week as he had the most passes & scored 9 goals.


Gooooo Iguanas…

1505_U6 Iguanas_9
1505_U6 Iguanas_10
1505_U6 Iguanas_11

U7 Scorpions

The Scorpions had an impressive and high-scoring game against Mitchie Paris. It was the game of big kicks and for a team that has only started playing this season, there was great teamwork and encouragement on the field. Will and Ellis both scored a goal each and Beau scored 5 which was a huge effort! Max earned player of the match for his huge kick ins and for setting up goals. Riley and Leo were making it tough for the opposition with their attacking moves and overall, it was an exciting game to watch. Well done boys!

1505_U7 Scorpions

U7 Hornets

The game against Mitchie was played in great spirits by all. Plenty of goals were scored by the Hornets. Edgar received the Player of the Week award for a much-improved performance and was so keen that he didn’t want to come off the field!

1505_U7 Hornets_2
1505_U7 Hornets_3

U7 Wasps

The team showed off great passing, calling out for the ball and chasing the ball and for their efforts, scored another win. Great team effort! Player of the Week award was Ryan, who got his first goal of the season.

1505_U7 Wasps_3
1505_U7 Wasps_4

U8 Dingoes

Our second away game of the season saw us up at Pine Rivers who were a very accommodating team and displayed true sportsmanship, clapping Wilbur off when he took a mild knock early in the game.

A very determined Dingoes played a fast tempo, high-pressing game pinning Pine Rivers in their own half for most of the 1st half, resulting in quick back-to-back goals from Brooklyn “Twinkle toes – was that Lionel Messi”, weaving in and out of the bamboozled Pine Rivers defense. The Dingoes maintained the pressure and came away convincing 11-0 winners with Will, getting on the scoresheet for the first time. Special mention to Leo – our rock in defense – ensuring our second clean sheet and also our tireless midfield of Jaxon, Magnus and Wilbur, breaking down plays and hustling the middle of the park. Highlight was an amazing team goal where the ball was pinged out to Zach on the right side, where he flew down the wing and delivered an inch-perfect cross to Connor who neatly tucked it away in the bottom left corner. Another great team display with the Player of the Week award going to Brooky for his goals and set up play.

1505_U8 Dingoes_2
1505_U8 Dingoes

U8 Brumbies

The Brumbies were at home this week against North Pine Genesis Navy. Lily had her first stint in goal supported well in defense by Teddy and Lucy but we were down at half-time to some nice finishes. The second half saw Landon take over in goals and did superbly and while the Brumbies got into good positions quite a few times we were unable to get the ball in the back of the net. It’s awesome to see we’ve sorted out the throw-ins too.


Super-sub Patrick picked up the Player of the Week award this week for his tireless enthusiasm chasing everything in the park.  Hopefully, he didn’t run out of steam during his own game later.

1505_U8 Brumbies_1
1505_U8 Brumbies_2

U10 Kookaburras

Our U10 Kookaburras put on another thrilling game at home this week. They really found their groove by the second half and dominated the play. Unfortunately, they were unable to even the score and lost by one goal to Virginia United.

Player of the Week award went to Jack who showed amazing speed and stamina to keep the play alive and support his team mates. Liam S. put in a massive effort and earned our “Kookaburra Award” for the week.

1505_U10 Kookas_1
1505_U10 Kookas_2

U11 Warriors

U11 Warriors played courageously on Saturday against The Gap Manchester United. After being down 3-0 at half-time, the final scoreline was 3-2. Congratulations to Matthew for his handwork as striker, earning himself the Player of the Week award.

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