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Juniors Round Up: Round 8

June 19, 2021

Around the Grounds

With a beautiful Winter morning for Round 8, we saw some closely contested games from all our Westside teams!

U6 Iguanas 

We had a home game on the weekend against Mitchelton. Our team had fun chasing down the ball and passing really well. Was a close game until the very end, we ended up winning 5-3.

The team has been working really hard at training with our drills and it’s great to see the skills improving each game.

This week’s Player of the Week went to Lucas for his great teamwork and scoring a tough goal with his left foot.. Awesome work Lucas..

U6 Chameleons 

The Chameleons had an away game this weekend against Mitchelton Newcastle who proved to be another tough team. They Chameleons played really well – the team work and passing was on complete display with Evelyne making some really good forward runs. Lyndon was a rock in defense. Jackson, Teddy and Lleyton worked really hard to hold down the midfield. Evelyne’s runs down the sideline earned her the Player of the Week award – well done Evelyne!!!

U7 Bees 

With only 4 players this week, the Bees had a tough match with no breaks and their toughest running game so far. The Bees took an early lead against Mitchelton Barcelona with a couple of fantastic goals, but tiredness caught up and we conceded several goals particularly in the second half. So proud of the team who kept running, tackling and working together as a team. A lot of great footwork and weaving the ball around the other team, as well as some very strong kicks, and several near miss goals. Was a very exciting ‘on the edge of our seats’ match to watch so thank you Bees and well done! The Player of the Week award went to Eddie for his hard work in the middle – consistently tackling the opposition when they had the ball and a LOT of running.

U7 Scorpions

Great game playing our fellow Westsider Hornets. The boys are improving each week and had a fun match. Lots of defending and great passing meant some great goals scored. Riley was our Player of the Week this game for showing great defending skills and really going for the ball. Well done team!!!

U7 Wasps

The Wasps had a bye this week and will be looking to show off their recent training skills in the next game.

U7 Hornets

Great game by the Hornets on the weekend against the Westside Scorpions. There were lots of goal-scoring opportunities with most of the team contributing to the score line. Plenty of high fives all round! Edgar was the deserving recipient of the Player of the Week award.

U8 Brumbies

Game 8 saw the mighty Brumbies take on Pine Hills at home and welcome two new mid-season signings to the team, Ruby and Ruby, who both looked very comfortable in the team.  The first half again saw us camped in defense with both posts of the goal getting a workout and super-sub Paddy being a wall as keeper.  Quinn held her position well at striker and was able to play Lily into space for some chances, and there was excitement with an indirect penalty saved by Teddy in the wall.  Lucy put the gloves on again in the 2nd half and did an amazing job under a lot of pressure with support from Teddy sweeping up everything in defense.  Julian picked up the Player of the Week award for his long mazy runs down the sidelines.  Sadly, we didn’t trouble the scorers this week, with the game finishing 3-0 to Pine Hills – but we gave them enough scares to look forward to our next encounter.

U10 Hornets

Samford welcomed the U10 Hornets with a bright sunny winter morning. With no reserves available for this match, the Hornets rallied with some very effective energy-conserving strategies, including forcing around 30 corners which proved effective in repelling Samfords attacking forays.  It has been very pleasing to see how the Hornets have organically established a shape to their game in recent weeks, and this shape proved very effective in defense as well as creating many good chances in attack through Dash, Bowen and Michael.

Unfortunately, the team ran out of puff in the end to concede a couple of late goals but it was a great contest and performance overall so well-done Hornets!  Many congrats to Ernest for his well-earned Player of the Week award for his Beckham-like display in the midfield.  All the best to the Hornets against Virginia United at Grovely next game.

U10 Kookaburras

Our Kookaburras put in another gutsy effort this week against Virgina United but couldn’t find the win. They pushed hard through to the final whistle, demonstrating some great passing and solid defense. Flynn stepped in to help out this week and managed to score a cracking goal on the fly. Theo dug into his book of tricks and set up some lovely plays throughout the game – earning him the Player of the Week award.

U11 Warriors

With Coach Theon away in NSW, Lloyd (last years’ U11 coach) took over the coaching reigns for this game.  The team has been experimenting with a new formation, 3-2-3, and it’s starting to pay off.  Jack and Rhys had to work really hard in the midfield, but were rewarded with space and targets on the wings to hit when breaking forward. Particularly in the first half – Abhi had a lot of success down the left flank and while chances were created around the edge of the box, we didn’t really trouble the keeper.

Led by Arlen in the centre, all the defenders played very well and the communication was good to see as was the time and passing out from the back.  Seb and Matthew combined well in the second half to get a couple of threatening shots off.  In the last minutes of the game we applied a lot of pressure to their goal and there was a bit of goalmouth pinball, but we just couldn’t get it in.  Unfortunately, the last kick of the game caught Seb flush in the face and he needed a bit of attention.  Arlen picked up the Player of the Week award for his leadership in defense.  In the end, we conceded 2 goals in each half and were unlucky not to score ourselves, but watch out next time Toowong!


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