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Juniors Round Up: Round 9

June 24, 2021

Around the Grounds

Another brisk Winter’s morning saw some well-contested games down at Westside and on the road for our away teams in Round 9. Teams were giving it their all going into the holiday break for the mid-way mark of the season.

Thanks to the volunteers (both big and small) who assisted in the canteen with serving hot food and coffee on the day to keep our parents warm, along with a massive thanks to the Senior Capitals players, Mitch and Mikey, for coming down to cook the barbie – it was greatly appreciated!!

U6 Chameleons

The Chameleons played a great game on the weekend against a tough Mitchie Team. Great to see the team all starting to come back and defend and predict what the other team might be planning. Although we lost, we gave it our best! Lleyton’s trickster moves and goal shooting earned him the Player of the Week award.  Well done to our great little team, you all deserve a break over the school holidays and we can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks!

U7 Bees

This week’s match was against Mitchelton Bayern. The Bees started off strong with a couple of early and impressive goals – some solid kicks far from goal. The Bees continued the game with some excellent tackling and a lot of running. The team is getting a lot better with marking players when the opposition has kick-ins and keeping up the pressure by continuing to tackle and intercept the ball. The Player of the Week award went to Archer for his great defending focus, helping to stop several goals (he scored a great goal himself too!).

U7 Scorpions

This week the Scorpions played a tough team from Mitchie. The team really missed their coach who was away, but we had some parents step in to help which was great. The skills and drill practice that they have been learning in training are really starting to pay off, and when the boys find space on the field, they are off!

Multiple goals were scored which kept the game extremely close. Defence was certainly stepped up this week and was impressive. We found out afterwards that the other team usually wins at least 15-0 so the boys should be super proud of their game – keeping the score to within 1 goal. The Player of the Week award went to Ellis for being everywhere on the field and having an outstanding game. Well done boys and enjoy the break!!

U7 Hornets

The Hornets had another great game this week. We were missing Edgar but the boys did him proud, competing for the entire game with no substitutes.

Archie had his best game of the season yet and was awarded the Player of the Week award for his all-round effort. Enjoy the break!

U7 Wasps

The Wasps had a tough start to the morning with their usual Coach being away and the ‘dad coach’ calling in sick. They put up with another passionate ‘step-in‘ Coach and handled the situation well.
They had a great game versus a tough opponent with their fantastic team spirit. The Player of the Week award went to Jasper for his great game.

U8 Dingoes

A thrilling home game against Albany Creek Atlanta was a fitting way for us to cap off the first half of the season with the Dingoes showing great determination and team spirit to end the game on a 4-4 draw.

A late goal in the first half saw the away side go into the break 1 nil ahead but that was quickly pegged back straight after the kick-off in the second half to level the scores. Some quick goals from Albany Creek made us chase the game 3-1 down, and we managed to claw it back to 3-3 after our first penalty of the season was neatly tucked away by Zach. Albany Creek got a late goal to make it 4-3 and they thought they came away with the win, but the Dingoes didn’t give up and a late breakaway goal with practically the last action of the match, deservedly earned them a 4-4 draw.

Massive congratulations to the team for fighting back and showing true Dingoes spirit. As we go into the school holiday break, just a quick thank you to all the Dingoes family for the efforts and everyone’s help so far and we hope you enjoy the break! Looking forward to an awesome second half of the season.

U8 Brumbies

This week took the Brumbies off to North Star down a couple of players with illness. Back to one substitute on the bench – lots of running was to be had for all.

The goals were shared around between Lucy, with a classy finish, Lily with a great run, and a debut goal for Scooter poking one home from close range. Teddy and Quinn looked after the goal, keeping us in charge throughout the match.

Winners were grinners this week, with the Brumbies returning with the lollies and a 3-2 victory.  Lily picked up the Player of the Week award for being involved in everything. The Coach vs Player tug-of-war is really paying off for the team!

U10 Kookaburras

Our Kookaburras played like a different team this week against the North Star Wolves. Their intensity levels were off the charts from the get go. We have our suspicions that Ryan may be part octopus – he always had a spare arm or two when protecting the goal. Amazing stuff. Tenacious Tom drove the other players crazy, sticking to them like superglue and earned the Kookaburra Award this week.

Our Player of the Week award went to Commander Sam.P, who not only built an impressive wall of defense but also pushed up the field to attack when we needed it most. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a win on the scoreboard this week but the boys won us over with their amazing efforts. We can’t wait to see them back on the pitch after the holiday break.


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