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WGFC Field 1 & 2 Upgrades for 2024

September 8, 2023

We would like to share some exciting news regarding the upcoming redevelopment of our home grounds, Fields One and Two at Grovely Sports Ground.

Here is an overview of what lies ahead:

Both the State Government and the Brisbane City Council have allocated the substantial sum of $650,000.00 to bring this project to fruition. The primary beneficiaries of this project are the players and members of Westside Grovely FC and our local community.

The project is scheduled to commence on September 11, 2023. We anticipate that weather permitting, the project will reach completion by March 1, 2024. The appointed contractor for this project is Global Turf (https://globalturf.com.au/), appointed by Brisbane City Council (BCC).

The initial phase of the project will encompass various tasks, including the installation of signage and temporary fencing. Additionally, a high-definition time-lapse camera will be put in place. A new hinged vehicle access gate will be added to the existing car park, to allow for truck entry to the grounds. BCC will also communicate the project details to our neighbouring community.

The rejuvenation process involves a series of steps starting with the eradication of existing grass on Fields One and Two, the grounds will undergo levelling and contouring for improved drainage. Field One will benefit from a new irrigation system with lateral lines running lengthwise. This design will allow our ground staff to allocate special care to high-traffic areas by controlling individual sprinklers. As a part of this process, the existing water bore will be integrated into the project alongside a 110,000 L holding tank, which will serve the purpose of field irrigation. This innovative approach is projected to result in substantial $ savings for Westside by reducing our current water expenses.

Both Fields One and Two will undergo significant change involving the removal of the topsoil layer, the introduction of imported topsoil, and the installation of Tif Tuf Hybrid Bermuda turf – similar to the surfaces used at the Gabba, Redcliffe Dolphins Stadium and Suncorp Stadium.

New goalposts and nets will be installed on Field One, and the current box net support posts reused. Both dugout technical areas will receive new artificial grass.

We will also be installing a new fence between the Field Two goal and the bike path. This is to prevent balls from going into the creek, and importantly protect bike path users. A Grant Application for these minor works has been submitted. In addition, we are submitting a Gambling Fund Grant Application for Field Two infrastructure – two portable dugouts and new goalposts.

While this project takes place, the Clubhouse will remain accessible throughout the construction period. We also want to emphasise that Field Three will be available for clinics, games, and training sessions.

Should you have any inquiries or insights concerning this project, please do not hesitate to reach out. We greatly value your input.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the collective effort behind this undertaking. The coming football season will welcome top-tier playing surfaces for our players, and it is our shared responsibility to uphold the standards and excellence of these new pitches.

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