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Juniors Round Up: 2022 Round 6

June 3, 2022

Around the Grounds

It was hard to cage the excitement shown by the kids and coaches to finally get back on the pitch after weeks of wet weather!

There were mixed results amongst our teams with some wins and losses, however, some very exciting results with a couple of our teams picking up their first victories of the season!


U6 Tigers

Super excited to say goodbye to the rain so we could get back out and play again!!

Great return game with a 3-3 draw against the Mitchie outfit with some awesome pieces of play and great improvement for a lot of players.

Well done to Charlie Moffitt this week for taking out the Player of the Game award!

U7 Geckos

Unfortunately, this week our Mitchie opposition didn’t show up for the game.

With the team still keen for a run-around, we played a 3 on 3 game instead to work on our passing and shooting skills to make the most of getting back on the pitch!

The Geckos will be keen for the next game!

U8 Bees

We weren’t sure if we were going to play this week as we only had 5 members of our team. We had some super subs join us from other teams (Patty and Will), who gave us just enough players to take the field.

No subs meant a long, hot game but the boys made the most of the sunny weather and played so well. Harrison was a wall of defence and made it almost impossible for the Mitchie Paris team to get through. Patty helped to put points on the board with some tricky passes and persistence from his teammates. Eddie (aka ‘The Terminator’) was everywhere on the field and no matter how many times he was down, he got back up and pressed on.

These three boys received the Player of the Day awards! Many thanks to our subs and we look forward to hopefully having the rest of the team back together for the next game.

U8 Wasps

On Saturday the mighty Wasps travelled over the range to neighbours Samford and played in beautiful conditions.

It was a closely fought first half with some tight defending, but we had a few shots and hit the post. We went into drinks 0-1 down.

It was all even early in the 2nd half thanks to a calm finish by Jude on debut who picked up the Player of the Day award. Riley also got a special mention for his hard work, particularly in the first half.

Samford walked away with the chocolates this week after we conceded a couple of goals in the second half, but it’s all starting to click, and the goals are flowing for us in attack. Can’t wait for next week!

U8 Hornets

Round 6 saw the Hornets take on a competitive Grange Thistle side at our home grounds and the boys were excited to play!

The first half was a see-sawing affair with the ball moving from one end to the other by both teams with the Hornets showing some nice moves in attack through Mika, Ned S, Fitzy (Ned F), Archie and Patty.

Our defence was rock solid again led by Jasper and Attis, and being assisted by Ed and Cooper. Harper made some nice saves as goalie keeping a clean sheet in the first half and we went into the break at nil all.

The boys spread out a bit more after their halftime talk and produced some nice passes and runs down the sidelines to produce a nice goal from Patty. Cooper was second-half goalie also making some great saves and keeping a clean sheet. The Hornets finished the game 1-0 victors! It is really good to see the boys getting more confidence throughout the games to make some solo runs in attack.

Player of the Day awards went to Attis for his solid defence and putting in the effort to make some attacking runs and Patty for his great goal and tireless effort throughout the game! Bring on Round 7!

U9 Brumbies

Round 6 saw the Brumbies host The Gap after their fields were closed last minute. A big thanks to Coach Emily for reaching out so the girls could play!

We were down a couple of players and the girls were a little rusty after the couple of weeks off training. It was a tough slog in the second half playing in the warmer weather.

After being 1-0 up in the first half thanks to a solid goal from Lily, the Brumbies finished the game going down 3-1.

Chloe was a stand out in attached and Maia made some epic saves in goal!

U9 Dingoes

Finally, some blue skies and the grounds were dry enough to play on!

The Dingoes were at home this week hosting an equally excited team from Virginia.

We started strong with some great forward play from the boys and were rewarded early with goals from Wilbur on the break and Max from distance after a driving run from the half.

From there, the Dingoes confidence grew – Noah and Leo were rocks in defence repelling a number of raids from the opposition and Jaxon directing play from the middle of the park, helping to assist goals for Braxton, Toby and a brace for TJ.

A well-deserved 6-0 win for the Dingoes. Max was awarded a Player of the Day award for his stellar first half contribution before he had to leave. Jaxon Cook was presented the ‘Kickin Chicken’ award this week for his fantastic work rate and distribution.

U10 Wallabies

After a 2 week break the Wallabies were keen to get back on the field for their away game against Pine Hills U10 Pythons. From the start of the match, Westside dominated but couldn’t find a goal in the first half, with some narrow misses. The score was nil all at halftime.

During the break, Brett and the boys developed a plan which was executed brilliantly, with the focus to make themselves more involved in the game and to be first to the ball. This was expertly carried out by Rhys who had two fabulous goals early in the second-half driving hard onto loose balls in the box. Rhys got Player of the Match for his execution of the plan. The final score was 4-1 to Westside, with additional goals scored by Eddie and Hudson.

The whole team showed that they are learning the value of staying in position, finding space and passing the ball. Some genuinely beautiful, proper football was played this week, as the boys go from strength to strength. We also welcomed new player, Isak, who had a great first game.


U11 Bears

The Bears had a great game with their first win of the season, 1-0 against North Pine thanks to a goal from Ernest.

Our team dominated possession, with players chasing down the ball and putting a lot of pressure on the opposition goalkeeper with their striking.

Overall, a great team effort, with the Player of the Day awards going to Liam and Kai.

U12 Wanderers

A bright and sunny Saturday, with the UQ team also keen to play giving up their home game to play at Westside due to their fields being too boggy.

With no subs we took to the field focusing on putting to practice possession and ball control skills executed at training some two weeks ago. There were block tackles that boomed from the other side of the field, shielding the ball and runs and passes that had parents excited to be watching.

We went up 3 – 0, until we lost some focus late in the second half letting in 2. Final result Westside 3 – UQ 2.

Players of the Day awards went to Tobi – Block tackles, teamwork and passing, Emily – Field position and getting to the ball first, Ava – Field ethic and teamwork. Great work Wanderers!

U12 Warriors

Although going down 4-1 on the day, the coaches cannot fault the players on their determination to turn around their performance as a team in the second half.

The team started rather sluggish in areas with wayward passing and lack of tracking defence after a few weeks off and went into the half time break 3-0 down.

However, after a team talk at half time, they ironed out all the problems of the first half and worked hard to grab a goal back early in the second half. The team was far more competitive in the second half with the opposition only scoring 1 goal. Arlen took out the Player of the Day Award for his consistency throughout the entire game!

This week the team will be focussing on passing and collapsing as a unit in defence to help solidify our defensive capabilities and putting in a more consistent effort for our next game!

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