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Men’s FQPL Head Coach Announcement

January 4, 2023

men's fqpl head coach announcement bryce anson

Westside Grovely is delighted to announce the appointment of Bryce Anson as our new Men’s FQPL Head Coach.

Bryce has a lengthy playing history with the Brisbane Strikers, North Pine, Kelvin Grove and more recently at Westside Grovely and has also coached successfully at both Pine Hills and Westside Grovely.

In addition, Bryce has benefitted by being coached by some of the top coaches in Queensland, including Stuart McClaren at Brisbane Strikers (now Celtic U18 Coach), Alan Marley (ex-New Zealand International), David Large (Former Technical Director at Brisbane Strikers) and Ian Milligan (Football Excellence Coordinator at Kelvin Grove)

The knowledge gained from these coaches has enabled Bryce to now stamp his own coaching style on Westside Grovely in the 2023 Season. Bryce shared his views that he is really excited to have this opportunity and relishes the challenge of bringing the absolute best out of players with the sole aim of promotion for Westside.

So much excellent work has taken place off the field in taking Westside Grovely forward, Bryce’s appointment is one of the final and major jigsaw pieces to take the footballing side to a much higher level, and his vision of how he will achieve promotion has the full backing of the Westside Grovely Committee.



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